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Office anesthia emer

Syncope is the result of Decreased cerebral blood flow
Appropriate treatment of respiratory arrest should include Administration of positive pressure oxygen and maintenance of the airway
Cricothyroidotomy is the emergency procedure used to establish an airway when a patient experiences Upper Airway obstruction that prevents ventilation
An emergency surgical procedure that can be performed to obtain an airway when all conventional methods have failed is Cricothyroidotomy
Angina pectoris is most likely to be caused by Heart disease (blockage of the heart must be controlled)
The most important reason an intravenous line should be established when a myocardial infraction is suspect it is Medications can be administered
Which of the following arrhythmias is most dangerous Ventricular fibrillation
The drug of choice for management of grand mal seizure is IV administration of Diazepam also called Valium or versed
A patient is given IV general anesthetic with barbiturates meperidine(Demerol) to remove an impacted molar. During surgery, the patient has a palpable pulse of 100/ min, but the pulse oximetry oxygen saturation reading is 86%. The patient condition is mos Respiratory depression... narcotics can cause respiratory depression if given too much
The use of epinephrine results in Peripheral vasoconstriction
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