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Reebop Genetics

Process of sexual reproduction and Intro to genetics

Photograph of homologous chromosomes arranged in pairs from largest to smallest, also includes sex chromosomes... Used to determine chromosome abnormalities Karyotype
The particular allele pairs in an individual.. represented with letters Genotype
Number of letters that represent a genotype for one trait 2 (two)
Number of letters in a gamete from an individual with one trait 1(one)
What an organism looks like because of it genes Phenotype
Give an example of a heterozygous genotype using capital and lowercase letters if necessary ( one trait) Aa
Give an example of homozygous dominant using capital and lowercase letters if necessary ( one trait) AA
what is the only way to show a recessive phenotype to have two recessive genes together in the organism
When a cell has pairs of chromosomes is it described as diploid or haploid? diploid
In a human what type of cells are diploid? What type of cells are haploid? body cells are diploid and gametes are haploid
How do you describe a haploid cell It is a cell that has one of each homologous pair that was formed by meiosis
What two processes were random in the reebop lab due to the way you selected the strips and the way the strips were put back together( you randomly picked the ones you would use) Meiosis and Fertilization
What happens to variation in offspring when meiosis and fertilization occur it increases which is favorable for evolution
In the reebop lab, you selected one strip from each pair (randomly)... to end up with a cell that had half of the chromosomes... this represented meiosis
What type of cell did you form when you selected one strip from each pair of chromosomes a gamete with half the number of chromosomes
Once you had selected one strip from each pair of chromosomes from the karyotype that represented the male and female., You put your selected strips together to represent _____ and form a ___ fertilization , forming a zygote that is once again diploid
Once a zygote was formed, what type of cell division was important for growth of the offspring mitosis
Letters on the top and side of the punnett square represent the gametes from each parent... one on the top and one on the side
Which one of Mendel's laws is important when putting the gametes on the top and side of the punnett square Law of Segregation
The inside of the punnett square represents? possible offspring genotypes
The letters you put on the inside of the punnett square are representing the process called ____? fertilization
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