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B-General Building 3


In order for a Nail to properly join two pieces of wood, ____________ of the nail must drive into the base 2/3rds
In order to seal the bottom of a sill plate, it is sometimes required to use a Sill Gasket Membrane
Joints in a double top plate should be offset with joints in the top plate by a minimum of 4 feet
How tall must a Foundation cripple wall be to not require SOLID backing? 14 inches
Any Habitable space should have a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet
Any Habitable room (except kitchens) should have a minimum square feet of 70 square feet
Every dwelling unit should have at least ONE room that is at least _______ square feet 120
What part of a Floor or Ceiling Joist may NOT be cut or notched the middle 1/3
A Girder must be pressure treated if it is within _______ of the ground 12 inches
A Floor Joist must be pressure treated if it is within _______ of the ground 18 inches
The post bottoms supporting the girders must be pressure treated if they are within _______ of the ground 6 inches
Floor Joists must lap at least _______ on top of any wall, beam, or girder 3 inches
What are the requirements for under floor ventilation in a crawl space? 1 sq feet of venting per 150 sq feet of floor area
How large must the access hole be for the crawl space? 18" x 24"
Standard nailing schedule for sub-floor? 6 inches O.C on sides/ 12 inches O.c in field
All plywood sub-flooring must have SOLID backing unless you use T& G
What is the maximum amount of notch in a joist? 1/4 of the depth of the joist
When drilling a hole through a joist, the hole may not be within _____ of the top or bottom 2 inches
When drilling a hole through a stud, the hole may not be within _______ of the edge 5/8 inches
A bored hole through the weight bearing stud can be no more than ________ of the stud depth 40%
A bored hole through a non-bearing stud can be no more than _______ of the stud depth 60%
Private stairways must be at least ________ wide 36 inches
A handrail can impinge on the stairway width by no more than 4.5 inches
What is the lowest allowed rise and the highest allowed rise on a private staircase 4 inches-7 3/4 inches
What is the lowest allowed run for a private staircase 10 inches
What is the lowest allowed run for a private staircase without nosing 11 inches
The largest tread width or riser will not exceed the smallest by more than ________ on a staircase 3/8 inch
What size nosings are allowed on a staircase? 3/4 inch - 1 1/4 inch
Open risers are allowed ONLY if a _______ cannot fit through the openings 4 inch sphere
What is the minimum headroom clearance at any point on a stair way 6 foot 8 inches
Which 2 places require 1-hour fire rated construction Garages and under stair-ways
The main external stairway door must have a landing outside. The landing must be ______ as wide as the door and at least 36 inches long
Stairways in a dwelling unit MUST have handrails if over _______ risers are present 4
What is the minimum clearance between the handrail and wall 1 1/2"
How high above the stair tread nosing must a handrail be installed? 34 to 38 inches
What are the allowed stair handrail diameters? 1 1/4"-2"
What are the requirements for non circular stair handrails? 4-6 1/4" perimeter with no more than 2 1/4" cross section
Any open sides of stairways, landings, balconies, decks etc. more than _______ above grade require gaurdrails 30 inches
The tops of guardrails must be at least _______ above the standing surface 42 inches
No where on a gaurdrail may a _________ pass through any opening 4 inch sphere
A guardrail over a staircase needs to meet which requirements? 42 inches from standing surface, 4 3/8" sphere cant pass through vertical guards, 6" sphere cant pass through bottom gaurds
A roof with two different slopes (one steep one shallow) is known as a Gambrel Roof
The maximum workable slope on a roof is _____ 8:12
Flat roofs are known as roofs with a pitch of ______ 2:12 or less
a Roof with a steep slope is also known as a Mansard Roof
What must be used to attach rafters to the ridge boards? Gusset plates or comparable hardware, Nails are not allowed
Define Purlins They run perpendicular to the rafters and are braced to walls or beams below
How often must a Purlin be braced? 4 feet O.C
When must a Purlin brace be a 4x4? When the length is over 6 feet
What is the longest you can make a Purlin brace? 8 feet
What are the requirements for Roof Ventilation? 1 square feet of opening for every 150 square feet of roof
What can I use to set rafters without cutting birdsmouths? VPA connectors
Metal roof panels which can be installed over open-frame sheathing is known as Structural Metal Roof panels
Double Top Plates should be nailed together with _________ 16d every 24 inches
Attic Openings should be ________ 20 " x 30"
The attic area directly above the attic opening should have 30 inches of head room
A roof with 3:12 pitch or greater and joinst 16" O.C. should have OSB plywood at least ________ 15/32"
Define a "single ply" roof Membrane Roofing System (paper, shingles)
When framing walls, what is an acceptable variation in heighths? 1/2"
U-Shaped Kitchens should have at least __________ between opposing cabinets and countertops 60 inches
Walk through Kitchens should have at least ________ between oppopsing cabinets and countertops 40 inches
When applying shingles on a roof with a slope LESS than 4:12, what type of paper must be used? #30 felt
Diagonal Bracing with steel or 1x4 must be at a ________ angle 45 to 60 degree
define a "prowl" It's the part of a roof that is kicked out with outriggers and fascia
load bearing joists cannot cantilever more than ___________ 1x the depth of the joist
BUR and single-ply shall not be applied on roof slopes less than 1/4 : 12
Ceiling Joists on top of a 24" spaced wall cannot be more than __________ from a stud 5"
Modified Bitumen roofing is also known as ____________ Torch Down
Usually, Deck Joists can cantilever ___________ 1/4x the supported length
How long will a 2x4 give fire protection? 1 hour
A floor joist can cantilever ____________ 4x the joist height
OSB on a non-flat roof with 24" O.C Joists should be 5/8 inch
Define a BUR (Built-Up Roof) multiple layers of room laminated with Asphalt Bitumen or "Torch Down"
What type of felt do you need on a shake roof with a 4:12 pitch or more ? #30 asphalt
What is the minimum slope of a tile roof? 2 1/2 : 12
What type of lumber is used in trusses? No. 1 structural lumber
Define an "out-rigger rafter" A rafter going off of a hip running perpendicular to the common rafters
What size plywood should be used on a wall with 24" O.C studs 3/8
What size plywood should be used on a wall with 16" O.C studs 5/16
What are the rules to how holes should be spaced in an I-Joist they should be spaced by 2x the diameter of the largest hole
What is a Hog Valley? they form when two slopes together
A standard fire rated door will burn for 20 minutes
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