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science vocab 72-77

#science #test #review #vocabulary #vocab

Vocabulary Worddefinition
ecologists scientists who study relationships between organisms and environments
evidence observations or data to support a statement, hypothesis, or point of view
introduced species a species that has been moved by humans from its normal habitat to a new habitat, either by mistake or intentionally
anthropocentrism a view that humans are central to the universe
anthropomorphism giving human characteristics to nonhuman organisms or objects
ecology the study of how living organisms interact with each other and with their physical environment
inference a conclusion, or the process of developing a conclusion based on evidence
observation any description or measurement gathered by the senses or instruments
classification/classify a process of grouping organisms into taxonomic levels based on shared characteristics and genetic relationships
genus a group of species that share specific characteristics and are related
invertevrate an organism that does not have a jointed backbone
vertevrate an organism with a jointed backbione
kingdom until 1990 the most general level of biological classification. (now the second level of classification, below the domain level
phylum/phyla a group of classes of organisms that share specific charactieristics
species a group of organisms with similar characteristics and evolutionary history that can successfully reproduce
fluctuation a change overtime in size, numbers, or other characteristics
population a group of the same species of organisms living in a specific location or habitat
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