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Personal Finance

What is more important: an application or a resume and why? An application because you sign it, making it a legally binding document.
What are the two forms of sexual harassment? Quid pro quo and Hostile Work environment
What does VIN stand for? Vehicle Identification number
What does EFT stand for? Electronic funds transfer
What does ATM stand for Automated teller machine
What is an asset? Anything you own of value
What are the three values of a vehicle? Private, trade in, and Retail
What are the four types of property sold by real estate agents? Land, residential, Commercial and recreational
How are real estate agents paid? Commission
What is the principal of a loan? The amount borrowed
What are the two types of home insurance and which is better? Actual cash value and full replacement: full replacement is better.
What is a CD? Certificate of deposit
FTC Federal Trade Commission
what is it called when someone looks over your shoulder to see your pin? Shoulder surfing
What is it called when someone sends you emails asking for your personal information so they can steal your identity? phishing
What is the investment with the highest rate of return? Stock market
What is a stock? Partial ownership in a company
What is a commodity? Something sold in bulk
What was the first electronic stock market? NASDAQ
The greater the risk the greater the... rate of return or loss
What are all of your investments combined called? Investment portfolio
What are the three types of bonds? Municipal, Government, or corporate
What are three three types of auto insurance? Liability, Collision, and comprehensive.
What is the most expensive form of auto insurance? Collision
At what age will you get a decrease in your auto insurance? 25
What are indexes? They show how the stock market is doing
What is one index? S&P 500 or DOW
What are the two types of IRAs? Traditional and Roth
What are the three types of mutual funds? Growth, Growth and Income and income
What are the two types of stocks? common and preferred
What is the difference between stocks and bonds? stocks you own, bonds you loan
What is sole proprietorship? A business owned by one person
What is a partnership? a business owned by two or more people
What is a corporation? A separate entity or being
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