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BIO Test (Study)

Final Biology

How has technology affected the study of science? Technology increased our ability to study and understand the world around us.
Biology is the study of living things
in the 1700s scientists believed frogs came from damp soil (mud). Now scientists understand that frogs only come from other frogs. This is an example of what characteristic of science? that our understanding of science is always changing
Why is the study of science broken down into different branches? because there is too much information to study all at once
Which of the following best describes the purpose of science? to explain the natural world around us
What is the name of the process whereby some organisms are able to keep their internal conditions suitable for living? homeostasis
The process of obtaining and using energy is called metabolism
All living things must Grow
In order to keep a steady population, animals in a population must reproduce at a rate that is at least equal to the rate of deaths
Plants make their own energy through a process called photosynthesis
Because you are a combination of DNA from two different people's cells, you are a product of what type of reproduction? sexual reproduction
What is the correct order of steps in the scientific method? observe, hypothesize, test, conclude, identify law or theory
Which of the following refers to numerical information, such as mass or volume? quantitative
Which of the following is a qualitative trait? color
During which step of the scientific method is the hypothesis tested? conduct an experiment
Your educated guess about what will happen in your experiment is called your hypothesis
People in ancient times used stories and myths to explain scientific happenings; today we use microscopes and test tubes. Although methods have changed, the general goal in pursuing science has remained the same. What is this goal? to understand the natural world around us
What does an entomologist study? insects
What does it mean to say "Science is dynamic"? As technology advances, we realize that things we once thought to be true are untrue.
What does a zoologist study? animals
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a living thing? A living thing can move around its environment.
When Gerald is running on a hot day, his body starts to sweat to keep itself cool. What is this an example of? homeostasis
The process that organisms use to create their own energy is called photosynthesis
What kind of reproduction occurs when two cells combine? sexual
Which one of the following is an example of a multicellular organism? Hamster
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