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Nervous System


List the 4 parts of the Nervous System 1. Brain 2. Nerve Cells 3. Spinal Cord 4. Sense organs
Which type or action can you control? Voluntary Action or Involuntary Action Voluntary Action
Define Reflex Action Automatic Action
Define Frontal Lobe Judgement/Memory
Define Brainstem Sleep heartbeat, breathing, digestion
Define Cerebellum Movement/Muscles
Define Occipital Lobe Visual/Sight
Define Parietal Lobe Senses, Speech, Math
Define Temporal Lobe Hearing
Define Cornea Protects
Define Iris Controls pupil
Define lens Focuses image
Define optic nerve Signals brain
Define pupil Hole for light
Define retina Receives light
What does the eye sense? Sight
What does the ear sense? Hearing
What does the nose sense? Smell
What does the skin sense? Feel
What does the tongue/nose sense? Taste
What part of the ear collects sound? Pinna
What part of the ear transmits sound? Ossicles
What part of the ear controls balance? Semicircular Canal
What part of the ear equalizes pressure? Eustacian Tube
What part of the skin insulates? Fatty tissue
What part of the skin is the outer skin? Epidermis
What part of the skin is the 2nd layer of skin? Dermis
What part of the skin is hair growth? Follicle
What part of the skin moisturizes? Oil
What part of the skin releases toxins? Sweat Gland
What part of the skin feels? Nerve
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