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Dr. Syvester Final

Bio 2 Chpt 26-29, 31, 33-44 "How Life Works"

In terms of energy acquisition, how would you classify green algae, coccolithophorids, and diatoms? a. chemoautotrophs b. chemoheterotrophs c. photoautotrophs d. photoheterotrophs e. photoautotrophs &chemoautotrophs c. photoautotrophs
Which of the following are adhesion proteins that are present in both chanoflagellates and animals? a. pectins b. cadherins c. integrins d. actins b. cadherins
A jellyfish relies on diffusion to provide O2 to its body cells, it's much larger than 1cm limit by diffusion. How can it be so thick and still meet its metabolic demands by diffusion alone? a. it maintains a large concentration gradient for oxygen acros b. much of its thickness consist of metabolically inert materials that don't require oxygen c. H2O makes up most of its body, &oxygen diffuses more rapidly than water d. the layers of metabolically active tissue are very thick &highly folded, large surfac b. much of its thickness consist of metabolically inert materials that don't require oxygen
Mitochondria are thought to have evolved from: a. cyanobacteria b. proteobacteria c. amoeba d. hetertrophic protists e. chloroplasts b. proteobacteria
Bioluminescence, as seen in squids, is possible because: a. squids produce fluorescent product during cellular respiration b. specialized cellular organelles of squids carry out a chemical reaction that results in light production c. squids produce a mucus layer that reflects light energy d. symbiotic bacteria housed in specialized organs of the quid are capable of generating light.
Which is FALSE: a. large differences in the body forms of complex organisms results from different patterns of gene expression b. complex multicellular organisms&simpler multicellular organisms perform a similar rate of metabolism&physiological function c. when compared to their simpler phylogenetic relatives, complex multicellular organisms show greater species diversity d. regulatory genes guide the development of complex multicellular organisms e. none of these
Bacterial genetic diversity can arise from:
Some slime molds make structures called plasmodia which: a. are a part of the reproductive structures b. contain many nuclei in one large cell c. contain several forms of chloroplasts d. provide movement for the slime molds
During ____ photosynthesis, H2S can be oxidized instead of water. a. oxygenic b. autotrophic c. bacterial d. plant e. anoxygenic
Using a submersible, a biologist obtains a sand sample from the seafloor. She discovers a new chemoautotrophic species of archaeon ┬Čes it thrives in cold temperatures (below 15 C) and doesn't produce methane. How is it classified?
Which of the following is an advantage of the size of the prokaryotic genome? a. allows for non-coding genetic material b. allows for increased genetic diversity c. allows for diverse regulation mechanisms d. allows for prokaryotes to reproduce quickly
True or False: If you were to analyze the deepest layer of a microbial mat (furthest from the surface), you find that H2S levels sharply increase, as do the numbers of chemoautotrophic microorganisms. True
Which of the following is NOT a general requirement for complex multicellular life?
To which of the following superkindom do birds belong to: a. opisthokonta b. alveolata c. archaeplastida d. stramenopila e. amoebozoa a. opisthokonta
Which superkingdom contains members that are responsible for forming red tides? a. alveolata b. amoebozoa c. exeavata d. stramenopila e. archaeplastida a. alveolata
Structures used for bulk transport include all of the following except: a. the tubular cells of giant kelp b. the vascular tissues in plants c. the hyphae of fungi d. the circulatory system in humans e. all use bulk transport e. all use bulk transport
When plasmogamy occurs in two compatible mating types of fungi, a dikaryotic cell is formed in the hyphae. For some groups of fungi, only few or 1 cells are di. In other groups the opposite. What is the advantage of di-hyphae? a. divide more rapidly b. karyogamy can occur rapidly when di-hyphae find alternate mating type c. di- hyphae have more nuclei &higher rates of transcription/translation d. karogamy can occur in more than 1 cell &more fruiting bodies can be produced
A researcher is looking at different petri dishes containing yeast C. albicans. In this first dish, she notices the yeast isn't forming a hyphae. Is this a mutant strain of yeast? a. yes, as yeast typically forms hyphae b. no, as yeast always forms rhizoids & not hyphae c. yes, as the lack of hyphae denotes pathogenic yeast d. no, as yeast does not typically form hyphae d. no, as yeast does not typically form hyphae
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