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Quenya 1

learn Tolkien's Quenya elvish language

Mine One
Anar The Sun
Isil The Moon
Elda Elf
Lie People
Vende Maiden
Rocco Horse
Atta two
Hen(d) eye
Ranco Arm
Ando gate
Cirya ship
Aiwe Bird
Talan (talam) floor
Ner male
nis(s) female
Sar(d) stone
Alda tree
Oron(t) mountain
nu under
tari queen
tasar willow
ar and
nelde three
na is
nar are
vanya beautiful
alta great/tall
calima bright
taura mighty
saila wise
umea evil
carne red
ninque white
more black
firin dead
canta four
nauco dwarf
parma book
tiuca fat/thick
mapa to sieze
tir to watch
lala to laugh
caita to lie down
tulta to summon
linda to sing
mat to eat
cenda to read
Created by: aragornmelisse