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Acidic and Basic Sol

HELUS: Phys. Sci.: Chapter 9: Acidic and Basic Solutions

Matter can be separated into two categories: ______ and mixtures substances
A substance has the same composition and _____ throughout properties
___ and ____ are substances elements, compounds
A ____ is a combination of two or more substances that can be separated byphysical means. mixture
Substances making up a mixture retain their individual ___ properties physical
Components of mixtures can be separated by taking advantage of differences in their___ properties physical
A ___ mixture is two or more substances that are evenly mixed on the atomic level,but that are not bonded together. homogeneous
A solution is a ___ mixture formed when a solute dissolves in a solvent. homogeneous
A solid solution known as an ___ is a mixture of a metal and one or more additionalelements. alloy
In a ___ mixture, the substances are not evenly mixed heterogeneous
___ is a measure of how much solute can be dissolved in a given volume or massof solvent Solubility
An ___ solution can dissolve more solute at a given temperature, whereas a___ solution cannot. unsaturated, saturated
The ___ of a solution is exactly how much solute can be dissolved in a specific volume of solvent concentration
The concentration of a solution is sometimes expressed in units of ___ per liter. grams
The words concentrated and ___ are approximate ways of describing solutions dilute
A molecule such as water, having a slightly positive end and a slightly negative end, is called a ___ molecule. polar
A simple rule for solubility is “___ dissolves like.” Like
Ions in solution are responsible for the ability of a solution to ___ electricity conduct
An ___ produces ions when it dissolves, whereas a nonelectrolyte does not electrolyte
An acid is a substance that releases a positively charged ___ ion, H+, in water hydrogen
Acids taste ___ and turn blue litmus paper ___. sour, red
The hydrogen ion from an acid combines with a water molecule in solution to form a___ ion, which has the formula H3O+. hydronium
Because acid solutions contain ___, they conduct electric currents ions
A base is a substance that produces ___ ions when dissolved in water hydroxide
The formula for the hydroxide ion is ___ OH-
Bases feel ___ on your skin, taste bitter, and turn red litmus paper blue. slippery
Most bases are ___ compounds ionic
___ is a numerical scale used to indicate how acidic or basic a solution is pH
The pH scale runs from below __ to above __. 0, 14
A highly ___ solution has a pH near 0, whereas a highly ___ solution has a pH near 14. acidic, basic
A ___ solution has a pH of 7. neutral
pH is a measure of the concentration of ___ ions in solution hydronium
The higher the concentration of hydronium ions, the more ___ a solution is. acidic
All acid and base solutions contain both hydronium ions and ___ ions hydroxide
In a neutral solution (pH 7) the hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations are ___ equal
A change in one pH unit represents a ___ change in the acidity or basicity of a solution tenfold
When an acid and a base are mixed, a ___ reaction occurs neutralization
A neutralization reaction produces water and a ___ salt
An ___ is a compound that changes from one color to another within a particularpH range. indicator
A __ ____ is an electronic instrument with an electrode that is sensitive to the hydronium ions in a solution. pH meter
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