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data structures 基本数据结构
priority queues
graph data structures
set data structures 集合
kd-trees 线段树
numerical problems 数值问题
solving linear equations 线性方程组
bandwidth reduction 带宽压缩
matrix multiplication 矩阵乘法
determinants and permanents 行列式
constrained and unconstrained optimization 最值问题
linear programming 线性规划
random number generation 随机数生成
factoring and primality testing 因子分解/质数判定
arbitrary precision arithmetic 高精度计算
knapsack problem 背包问题
discrete fourier transform 离散fourier变换
combinatorial problems
sorting 排序
searching 查找
median and selection 中位数
generating permutations 排列生成
generating subsets 子集生成
generating partitions 划分生成
generating graphs 图的生成
calendrical calculations 日期
job scheduling 工程安排
satisfiability 可满足性
graph problems -- polynomial 图论-多项式算法
connected components 连通分支
Please tell us the _______ of Merry Christmas spirit
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