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Viruses and bacteria

life science

What surrounds viruses? protein coat
If a virus is not DNA, it is ____. RNA
What shape is a virus that is round all around? Spherical
What shape is a virus shaped like a test tube? Cylinder
What shape is a virus that is like a snowflake? Crystal
What shape is a virus that looks like a spaceship? Bacteriophage
Viruses do not have all the characteristics of a _____________ organism. Living
Viruses must rely on living organisms to _____________. Replicate
Viruses cannot take in _____________. Nutrients
Viruses cannot use ___________. Energy
Viruses must be _____________ a cell to replicate. Inside
A host cell must have specific ___________ on its cell membrane or cell wall for a virus to attach to. molecules
Inside a cell a virus may become ____________ (dormant). Latent
After using the host cell to replicate, the virus __________ the host cell. Destroys
What is released into the host organism after the virus has replicated itself and destroyed the host cell? Virus copies
Why are viruses so difficult to treat? Mutations
What does the body need to make to have immunity to a virus? antibodies
What are people given to trigger the production of antibodies? Vaccines
What kind of cells are bacteria? prokaryotes
What kind of bacteria live where few other organisms survive? archaea
Hairlike structures on bacteria are called ______. pili
Bacteria that are round are _________- shaped. Sphere
Bacteria that are shaped like a test tube are ________- shaped. rod
Bacteria that look like a squiggly worm are ___________- shaped Spiral
Bacteria transfer DNA by this process. Conjugation
What are harmful bacteria called? Pathogens
How are bacterial infections treated? Antibiotics
Bacteria produce two genetically identical bacteria by this process of asexual reproduction. Fission
Bacteria that have protected themselves by building a thick internal wall are called ___________. Endospores
Using too many antibiotics to treat illnesses leads to __________ _____________. bacterial resistance
When beneficial bacteria break down pollutants or waste products it is called ___________. Bioremediation
When beneficial bacteria attach to the roots of legumes to help the plant grow it is called ____________ ______________. nitrogen fixation
Bacteria can help us make tasty _________ that last longer. Food
What process involves beneficial bacteria breakIng down soil? Decomposition
Bacteria that don't need the sun for energy get energy from ___________ _______________. Chemical reactions
Some bacteria make their own food from __________ energy. Light
Some bacteria get energy by taking in___________. Food
Bacteria live almost ________________. Everywhere
Bacteria do not have a ___[________. Nucleus
Bacteria are ______________ than animal or plant cells. Smaller
Bacteria increase genetic ______________ by the process of conjugation. Variation
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