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English Participles

Participles of the 100 most common verbs in English

to be been
to have had
to do done
to say said
to go gone
to make made
to know known
to think thought
to take taken
to see seen
to come come
to want wanted
to use used
to find found
to give given
to tell told
to work worked
to call called
to try tried
to ask asked
to need needed
to feel felt
to become become
to leave left
to put put
to mean meant
to keep kept
to let let
to begin begun
to seem seemed
to help helped
to play played
to run run
to move moved
to bring brought
to happen happened
to write written
to sit sat
to stand stood
to lose lost
to pay paid
to meet met
to include included
to continue continued
to set set
to get got/gotten
to show showed/shown
to hear heard
to live lived
to believe believed
to learn learned/learnt
to change changed
to lead led
to understand understood
to watch watched
to follow followed
to stop stopped
to create created
to speak spoken
to read read
to spend spent
to grow grown
to open opened
to walk walked
to win won
to teach taught
to offer offered
to remember remembered
to consider considered
to appear appeared
to buy bought
to serve served
to die died
to send sent
to build built
to stay stayed
to fall fallen
to cut cut
to reach reached
to kill killed
to raise raised
to pass passed
to sell sold
to return returned
to explain explained
to hope hoped
to develop developed
to carry carried
to break broken
to receive received
to agree agreed
to support supported
to hit hit
to produce produced
to eat eaten
to cover covered
to catch caught
to draw drawn
to choose chosen
to decide decided
Created by: coachlanguages