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Acting 2nd year 3

theatre vocab

break a leg an expression used instead of ‘good luck’ when one wishes an actor success before opening night
break-up When an actor’s dialogue is interrupted by laughter
bring up 1. Increase brightness of lights; 2. Raise the curtain
build to increase the loudness, rate, and energy of a line, speech, scene or song in order to reach a climax
business activity performed by an actor during or in place of a speech
by-play secondary stage business upstage while main action of the scene is being played out downstage
call 1) announcement to performers or crews that they are needed for a rehearsal or performance; 2) warning to performers to get ready for an entrance
callboard place backstage in a theatre where company rules, announcements, notes, and messages are posted
cameo unimportant, small role by a famous actor
casting difficult task of matching the actors who auditioned for the production with the roles in the play or musical
catwalk narrow platform suspended above the stage to permit ready access to the ropes, the lights, and the scenery hung from the grid
centre line an imaginary line down the centre of the stage, from upstage to downstage
changing booth a small temporary place in the wings where an actor can make a costume change without going to the dressing room
characterization representation of a character’s qualities or peculiarities through dialogue, gesture, movement, costume and makeup
cheat move that does not attract attention to itself while managing to keep the actor in view of the audience.
Chorus a narrator who introduces or comments on the play.
claque people who are hired by performers (or their representatives) for the express purpose of starting and sustaining applause for them.
climax highest point of dramatic tension in a script.
clipping when an actor begins to speak his lines before another actor finishes his cue phrase
closed turn turn made away and with the actor’s back to the audience, usually considered a poor movement. The opposite, an open turn, is most often preferred.
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