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the awersome vocsite

Vocabula words

bumbling blundering and awkward
dole to give out in small amounts food or necessites
nonconformist a person who refuses to follow established of ways of doing things relatiy to.
Alias an assumed name,used to hide ones identity
quell to control or diffuse a potentially explosive situation
pry to pull loose by force to look at closey to be nosy about something
refurbish to brighten fresheh or polish to restore or improve
remedial intended to repail gaps in students basic knowledge
perplex to confuse
meomento something that serves asaremider
rigorous severe ,harsh strich
burly big and strong muscular
dump founded so amazed that one is unable to speak bewildered
inevitable 100% it will happen
parody a haumirous or ridiculous initation to make fun off something
beacon a light or other signal that warns and guides a light house anything that guides or in spires
epic on a grand scale vast a long narrative about the deeds of hearous
sham fake not genuine something false pretending to be genvise a pretender a decorate pillow covering to pretend.
uncouth awkward or clumsy unrefined crude
appraise to assee the worth or value of something
nocturnal relating to or occurring during the day
retaliate to get revenge to strike back for an injury
wholescore heathly morally or socially sound or good helping too bring about or preserve health
wistful full of me lancholy or longing sad
abduct kidnap,to carry off by force
earmark to set a side for a special purpose to mark an animals ear for identication an identifiying mark
frigid extremely cold lacking in warmth or feeling
implement an tool or instroment to put into effect
glum depressed,gloomy
self-seeking selfishly,ambitious
replica a copy close reproducation
taskmaster one whose job it is to assign work to others one who uses his power to more people work very hard
transform to change completely in appearance to form to make in to something else
upheaval a sudden violent movement upwerd great disorder or radical change
skimp to save,be thrifty
enumerate to list something one by one
abstain to choose not do something
append to add on to something attach on to
sleuth a detective
audition a short performance performed by a performer
titanic enormously huge
valiant brave amd courageous a stead fast
deter convinced someone to do something
adhere to stick to keep together
empower to give some power or authority over something
mangle to destroy somethingby crushing or tearing
supplement an addition to something to make in increase
lag to fall behind to move slower
sulky in a bad mood
Created by: jroeske