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Avena - Immigration

truvaro d'asïla asylum seeker /tɾu.'va.ɾo da.'si.la/
asïla politica political asylum /a.'si.la po.li.'ti.ka/
campo di refugi refugee camp /kamp do ɾɛ.'fu.gi/
BT (baga do traxano) work permit /'be.te/ /'ba.ga do tɾa.'xa.no/
baga d'habitano residence permit /'ba.ga da.bi.'ta.no/
impligio immigration /im.'pli.gjo/
n'implaro an immigrant /nim.'pla.ɾo/
magrebo North African /ma.'gɾɛ.bo/
pli nuri black people /pli 'nu.ɾi/
refugo refugee /'ɾɛ.fug/
implaro san papiò illegal immigrant /im.'pla.ɾo san 'pa.pjo/
SCM (sosïeta avi culturi monti) multicultural society /se.'ka.me/ /so.'sjɛ.ta 'a.vi kul.'tu.ɾi 'mon.ti/
siersiar por asïla to seek asylum /'ʃɛɾ.ʃaɾ poɾ a.'si.la/
xivita citizenship /xi.'vi.ta/
hôtelo d’asïla temporary hostel for asylum seekers /'o.tɛl da.'si.la/
cuo culturo culture shock /ku kul.'tu.ɾo/
permaniar data palla do domòn to leave your home country /pɛɾ.'ma.njaɾ 'da.ta 'pa.ja do do.'mon/
la crisa di refugi the refugee crisis /la 'kɾi.sa di ɾɛ.'fu.gi/
integrar to settle /in.'tɛ.gɾaɾ/
integrar an to integrate /in.'tɛ.gɾaɾ an/
palla da nata country of birth /'pa.ja da 'na.ta/
VT (visa do traxano) work visa /'ve.te/ /'vi.sa do tɾa.'xa.no/
etni ethnic group /'ɛt.ni/
xia hatred /xja/
lludica do raso racism /ju.'di.ka do ɾas/
siersiar na via mas bana to seek a better life /'ʃɛɾ.ʃaɾ na vja mas 'ba.na/
pasar na fronta to get across the border /'pa.saɾ na 'fɾon.ta/
traxar ala nuà to work illegally /'tɾa.xaɾ 'a.la nwa/
avar regulani sèvari ala fronta to have strict border controls /'a.vaɾ ɾɛ.gu.'la.ni se.'va.ɾi 'a.la 'fɾon.ta/
Created by: samstyan99