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ABRSM Grade 5 Theory

Essential vocabulary for the ABRSM theory exam. Vocabulary from grades 1-5.

scherzando, scherzoso playful, joking
tanto so much
accelerando gradually getting quicker
risoluto strong, bold
primo, prima first
al, alla in the manner of, to the
pesante heavy
mesto sad
fortissimo very loud
semplice simple
secondo, seconda second
vivo, vivace lively
troppo too much
marziale martial
sostenuto sustained
simile in the same way
tempo speed
marcato marked, accented
senza without
rallentando gradually getting slower
forte loud
sforzando forced, accented
assai very
ed, e and
dolce sweet
crescendo gradually getting louder
andantino slightly faster than andante
allargando broadening, becoming louder and slower
più more
rubato with some freedom of time
ritmico rhythmically
presto fast, faster than allegro
mezzo moderately
ritenuto held back, slowing down immediately
largamente broadly
forza force
moderato moderately
col, con with
cantabile in a singing style
giocoso playful, merry
allegretto fairly quick, not as quick as allegro
allegro quick, cheerful
tristamente, triste sad, sorrowful
espressivo expressive
tranquillo calm
non not
moto movement
mosso moved
molto much, very
meno less
sempre always
fortepiano first loudly, then immediately soft
grazioso graceful
grave solemn, very slow
fine the end
diminuendo gradually getting softer
maestoso majestic
leggiero light
legato smoothly
ma but
energico energetic
delicato delicate
deciso with determination
comodo convenient, comfortable
brio vigor
ben well
largo slow, stately
larghetto quite slow, not as slow as largo
animato animated, lively
anima soul, spirit
ritardando gradually getting slower
subito suddenly
amore love
alla breve with each beat as a minim
agitato agitated
ad libitum play freely, at will
adagietto fairly slow, not as slow as adagio
decrescendo gradually getting softer
dal segno repeat from the sign
volta time
poco little
da capo repeat from the beginning
adagio slow, at ease
andante at a walking pace
staccato detached
lento slow
stringendo gradually getting faster
pianissimo very quiet
piano quiet
mano destra right hand
perdendosi dying away
volante flying, fast
modéré moderate
voce voice
légèrement light
et and
en dehors made prominent
ossia or, alternatively
misura measure
lunga long
douce sweet
morendo dying away
possibile possible
l'istesso the same
giusto exact, proper
fuoco fire
veloce swift
sotto below
vif lively
moins less
come similar to, as
cantando singing
calando getting softer and slower
ralentir slowing down
presser hurry
retenu held back
avec with
peu little
niente nothing
loco at the normal pitch, used to cancel the 8va action
teneramente, tenerezza tenderly
smorzando dying away in tone and speed
rinforzando reinforcing
segue go straight on
appassionato with passion
amabile amiable
affretando hurrying
pochettino rather little
plus more
affettuoso affectionate
sul ponticello near the bridge
piacevole pleasant
assez enough
animé lively, animated
sul G on the G string
vite quick
sopra above
piangevole plaintive
cédez slowing down
tosto swift, rapid
mano sinistra left hand
sans without
lacrimoso sad
incalzando getting faster
estinto as soft as possible, lifeless
doppio movimente twice as fast
dolore grief
dolente sad, mournful, sorrowful
tre corde release the left soft pedal
sonoro sonorous
facile easy
quasi as if, almost
une, un one
très very
una corda press the left soft pedal
arco bow
pizzicato plucked
sordini mutes
lusingando coaxing, in a sweet, persuasive manner
attaca go straight to the next section of music
mais but
lent slow
non not
nobilmente nobly
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