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Unit 1

Flash cards

There is a clear ________________ between education and health. ( a connection ) Link
_________________ is a growing problem in many European countries, particularly among children. ( an excess of body weight ) Obesity
The two universities _______________ in their efforts to develop medication that treats HIV /AIDS. ( to work with someone else for a specific purpose ) Collaborated
The university invited a __________________ expert in public health to talk to its medical students. ( most important ) Leading
The boy ________________ his dark hair and brown eyes from his father. ( to receive characteristics from parents through genes ) inherited
The university _______________ a lot of time and money to make sure that its graduates receive a quality education. ( to put money into something in order to make a profit or achieve a result ) invests
Although she works long hours, she seems to ____________ on the challenge and responsibility of her new job. ( to grow, develop and be successful ) thrive
The workers ______________ their vacation in order to make sure the school was finished on time. ( to give up something for something else considered more important ) sacrificed
The health care center now requires people to make appointments online, which has ______________ the need to call and speak to a receptionist. ( to get rid of ) eliminate
Common symptoms of flu include headache and _____________ . ( a feeling of great tiredness ) fatigue
Early ___________ of cancer is extremely important. ( the act of finding or discovering something ) detection
There is growing ____________ among the public that more emphasis is needed on funding healthcare programs for the poor. ( an understanding ) awareness
Although the testing was not yet finished, the hospital was pleased to announce that ____________ results looked very promising. ( coming before an event or before something is completely finished ) preliminary
Doctors say that in order to encourage healthy lifestyles, we need to ______________ young children. ( to focus on something ) target
Although there are major problems with the U.S. health care system, the government is ___________ to change it. ( not wanting to do something ) reluctant
The young musician showed great ___________ ; he played better than most people twice his age. ( a possibility not yet reached ) potential
The cost of nursing care for the elderly is becoming ____________ in many countries. ( too expensive to pay ) prohibitive
The internet has resulted in new research being ______________ to people globally - even those living in remote areas. ( available - able to be used ) accessible
This particular type of flu is ___________ high among young children and older adults. ( too much or too little compared to other similar things ) disproportionately
The nurse carefully ________________ the patient's progress throughout the night. ( to watch and check something carefully over a period of time ) monitored
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