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SG for Beowulf&Grend

Study guide for Beowulf and Grendel--Test

How does Beowulf (the character) fulfill the role of an epic hero? He perform Heroic deeds. He kills bad people and monsters.
Who is the king of Danes? Hrothgar
What evil Biblical figure is Grendel descended from? Cain
How long has Grendel terrorized the Danes? 12 years
What is the name of the mead hall? Herot
Why does Beowulf go to Denmark? To help Hrothgar and Grendel.
What group of men does Beowulf lead? The geats.
Why doesn't Beowulf use a sword against Grendel? Grendel didn't have any weapons, so Beowulf used his hands.
How does Beowulf defeat Grendel? Beowulf had hung the monsters arm, claw, and shoulder and all.
What trophy does Beowulf display after his victory? Grendel's head.
Why does Beowulf go in search of Grendel's mother? Revenge
How does Beowulf defeat Grendel's mother? He cuts her head off.
Who is Beowulf's final battle against? The dragon
Which of the Geats stays by Beowulf's side during that final battle? Wiglaf
How do the Geats honor Beowulf after his death? Burned him in a great fire on a cliff.
What did Beowulf want most? Did he get it? Explain. Did not have long to rule, and deserved the right to choose a warriors death.
Why is Grendel angry at the ram? Why is he angry at the sky? He tries to scare it away. He gets no response.
What do the Danes blame for their misfortune? Their sins have angered the Gods.
Why does Grendel become irrational at the Danes at the end of Chapter 1? They sing joyfully as if they've won.
How does Grendel become "trapped" in Chapter 2? He went out hunting in the woods for a calf and got his foot trapped between 2 joined tree trunks.
What beast first come upon Grendel while he is trapped? A bull
What does the group of men first think of Grendel when they see him? They think he his a spirit.
Who is the leader of the group of men that comes upon Grendel? The king
What aggressive action does the leader take toward Grendel? He throws an axe at him.
How does Grendel's mother enter the fray in Chapter 2? He realizes he clawed his mother.
Who comes to gain power over the lands in Chapter 3? Hrothgar
What historical figure does the Shaper sing about? Scyldshefing
How is Grendel conflicted by the Shaper's words? The beauty of his music makes Grendel more aware of his ugliness as a monster.
What are Grendel's first impressions of Beowulf and the Geats in Chapter 3? Irritate him so much that he is glad for the excitement of the geats, even if they also scare him.
Describe the interaction between Unferth and the Geats? Has lost faith in ideas of heroism, mocks Beowulf. Beowulf appears to be a real hero, and astonishes the Danes and Grendel with his confidence and exploits.
How does Beowulf gain the upper hand on Grendel? He doesn't let go.
What psychological tactics does Beowulf employ against Grendel? Beowulf in Grendel's vision comes to look like a different sort of dragon.
Who surrounds Grendel as he dies? What does he wish upon them? Winged men.
Generally, what is Grendel's outlook on life and the world? Shows his absurdist, existential outlook on life.
Created by: Katwill678



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