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T#3 Bod Sys

Names, functions, and structures in body systems, including targets.

skeletal function provides shape for the body
skeletal function gives protection to internal organs
skeletal function gives something for muscles to pull against
skeletal structures cranium, femur, ribs
skeletal structures all the bones in the body
nervous function communicate information within the body
nervous function communicate information between the body and the outside world
nervous structures spinal cord, brain
reproductive function produce gametes
reproductive function support growth of developing offspring
reproductive structures testes and ovaries
digestive function break down food into biological molecules
digestive function absorb biological molecules into bloodstream
digestive structures mouth, stomach, intestines
immune function defend body's interior from fungi, bacteria, and viruses
immune structures lymph nodes, white blood cells, bone marrow
muscular function enable movement such as walking
muscular function enable/power movement of blood throughout the body and movement of food through the body
respiratory function pull oxygen into the body
respiratory function get rid of carbon dioxide from the body
respiratory structures trachea, lungs
circulatory function move blood to all tissues and organs
circulatory structures heart, veins, capillaries
excretory function filter out and get rid of wastes
excretory structures kidneys, lungs, large intestine
structure parts of something and how they're put together
function what something's job is and how it does its job
multicellular organism made up of many organ systems that work together
organ system made up of many organs that work together
organ made up of many tissues that work together
tissue made up of many cells that work together
cell made up of many organelles that work together
skeletal one word function support
nervous one word function communication
reproductive one word function offspring
digestive one word function energy
immune one word function protection
muscular one word function movement
respiratory two word function gas exchange
circulatory two word function blood flow
excretory two word function waste disposal
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