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M. Myers Ch. 1

Important historical people in dentistry

Hesi-re Egyptian doctor of teeth 3000BC
Hippocrates father of medicine. "Oath of Hippocrates"- code of ethics
Guy de Chauliac a french surgeon, wrote "Hygienic Rules for Oral Hygiene"
Pierre Fauchard French dentist- wrote a manuscript "Le Chirurgien Dentiste". It had pictures and explained procedures. Developed a manual drill. Restored teeth. Perfected numerous instruments that are still used today. Known as the "Founder of Modern Dentistry"
Wilhelm Roentgen German physicist. Discovered x-rays. 1895
Robert Woofendale one of the first dentists to arrive in the U.S. from England
John Greenwood known as George Washington's favorite dentist. He made his last set of dentures (ivory and gold)
Paul Revere made surgical instruments and artificial teeth
Josiah Flagg surgeon. Made the first dental chair
James Morrison made the first dental engine
Horace Hayden was John Greenwood's patient and became a dentist afterward. Wrote many journals and lectured on dental topics. Helped found the first dental college
Chapin Harris studied with Hayden and wrote "The Dental Art: A Practical Treatise on Dental Surgery". Helped found the first dental college
Dr. Greene Vardiman Black (G.V. Black) taught in dental schools. Invented numerous machines and instruments. Known as "the grand old man of dentistry".
Lucy Beeman Hobbs Taylor first woman to graduate from a dental college 1866
Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman first African- American to earn a dental degree 1869
Ida Gray first African-American female to earn a dental degree 1890
George Franklin Grant African-American who was an authority on cleft palate. Invented the golf tee
Dr. Edmund Kells hired a female to be a lady assistant 1885
Juliette Southard first president of the ADAA
Created by: myers.melissa
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