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6ACT Sci Vocab 79-93

Solution A mixture of two substances.
Velocity Speed of motion.
Stratosphere A layer of atmosphere between the troposphere and the mesosphere.
Thermosphere The outermost layer of the atmosphere.
Super Cooled Below freezing but remaining a liquid.
Vertical Migrates Marine species that travel toward the surface of the ocean to feed.
Viscosity A fluid resistance to flow.
Suspension State of a substance when it's particles are combined together but have not been dissolved In a fluid or solid.
Territorial The protective behavior that is displayed when an animal is defending its area.
Vapor Pressure The pressure exerted by a vapor.
Thermal Degradation A process of combustion I which materials in a fuel are broken down into several products.
Synthetic Polymer A man made, repeating chain of atoms.
Vaporize The change into a cloud of diffused matter.
Specific Gravity The ratio of the weight of one substance to the weight of another substance.
Wavelength The distance between repeating crests of waves.
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