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Genral Writing Terms

General Writing Terms

Syntax way in which a sentence is structured
Review/Edit read draft in different orders
Conversational dialect of spoken conversations
Clincher Sentence the last sentence in which it connects the supporting details to the topic sentence and brings the paragraph to a close
Form format used to publish the writing
Audience person or group the writing piece is intended for
Voice diction and syntax a writer chooses to represent his or her thoughts/perspective on a given topic
Informal used primarily to explore ideas or communicate casually with friends and acquaintances
Verse structuring writing in stanza formation
Prewriting collecting ideas on graphic organizers, lists, observations, free-writes, and outlines
Connotation implied meaning or intension of a term
Code-Shifting moving between languages to speak and write for the intended audience
Supporting Sentences uses sensory details, facts, and/or examples
Fact thing that is known to be indisputable
Revise tightens the syntax of the sentence
Opinion a view or judgement formed about something
Topic subject matter and focus of the writing piece
Draft write out the topic in paragraphs with an organized strategy
Style the arrangement of sentences, phrases, words, and punctuation for a particular purpose in writing
Formal intended to be evaluated by someone who expects academic or businesslike argument and presentation
Fluency the way individual words and phrases sound together within a sentence
Prose writing that uses traditional paragraph formation such as essays, narratives, expository, and persuasive writing
Diction word choice and style for a particular purpose
Denotation the literal or primary meaning of a word- the words dictionary definition
Topic Sentence where the main idea is represented in the paragraph
Publish how your writing piece gets to the audience
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