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gaming terms

AI In video games, artificial intelligence is used to generate intelligent behaviors primarily in non-player characters (NPCs), often simulating human-like intelligence.
anime Japanese characters
api An API is a set of commands, functions, protocols, and objects that programmers can use to create software
console form of interactive multimedia used for entertainment.
cut scene a sequence in a video game that is not interactive, breaking up the gameplay.
esa is the trade association of the video game industry in the United States
esrb rating s a self-regulatory organization that assigns age and content ratings, enforces industry-adopted advertising guidelines,
first person shooter genre of action video game that is played from the point of view of the protagonist.
fps that are in the first-person perspective where the gamer can only see the character's hands holding a weapon on the screen.
game screens view of the screenshot
gdd s a highly descriptive living design document of the design for a video game.
genre ideo game genres are used to organize video games based on their gameplay interaction rather than visual or narrative differences
gone gold t means that development on the game is done, and the game is ready to be sold.
grind term used in video gaming to describe the process of engaging in repetitive tasks.
ide is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development
janky (jargon, computing, rare) Unresponsive (of a software application's user interface), sluggish.
level map, area, stage, world, rack, board, zone, or phase in a video game is the total space
loot is the process by which a player character obtains items (or loot) such as in-game currency, spells, equipment, or weapons, often from the corpse of a creature or possibly the corpse of another player in
mmo ) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously in the same instance (or world).
platform the specific combination of electronic or computer hardware which, in conjunction with software, allows a videogame to operate.
quest uests are typically grouped in to one of four categories: kill quests, gather quests, delivery quests and escort quests.
realm different worlds in your game play
rpg a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting.
screenshot a photo on your screen
sdk typically a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for a certain software package,
strategy the players' uncoerced, and often autonomous decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome.
top-down view of the camera if its looking down
yoyo japanes company that makes video games