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Career Choices 1

Career Choices Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

elaborate to explain in detail
gamut the full or complete range of things
vision a dream
realization to make something real
frustration a feeling arising when hindered in trying to reach a goal
security feeling safe and certain; no apprehension or anxiety
discrimination wrongful treatment of a person (or group) due to a bias or prejudice
achievement accomplishing something rewarding
fanatic someone excessively devoted to or enthusiastic about a cause or activity
excess more of something than is necessary
flaunt to exhibit something (an achievement or prize) a little too proudly
prima donna an overly vain person
integrity free from corruption or vice; honesty
humility a lack of false pride; feeling modest or unassuming
intuition instinctive knowing; a feeling that something might happen; second sight
impulsive actions typified by a lack of planning or preparing
procrastination putting an assignment or task off until a later time; dawdling
compliant easily persuaded or swayed; submissive
rational logical or sensible
interchangeable being able to change places or replace something else
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