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Lab Safety

What should you do if you cut your hand during a lab investigation? press a clean towel or cloth firmly against the cut.
How should you treat live animals in the lab? do not cause pain, discomfort or injury to an animal in the lab; treat animals humanely.
Why should you keep work areas clean and organized? so accidents don't occur.
What does a safety symbol that resembles an electric plug reminds you about? the danger of working with electrical equipment
What does a safety symbol resembling a flame caution you to do? be careful when working with material that is flammable
If you notice a chip, crack or break in glassware, you should Dispose of the chipped glassware in the proper container.
A triple beam balance measures an object's _____ mass
A graduated cylinder measures _____ volume
A meter stick measures ______ length
What safety symbol or symbols are associated with the following activity: cutting a piece of rubber tubing to a convenient length to use with a Bunsen burner. fire and sharpness hazard
It is a rule not to eat or drink in the laboratory. Why? You could eat something harmful, sickening or poisonous.
Which science tool is used to see microscopic cells? microscope
When heating a substance in a test tube, the open end of the test tube should be pointed toward: no one
Where should chemical waste be disposed? in a container identified by the teacher
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