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Chapter 16 LA

Chapter 16 LA for exam 3

describe benefits and risk using terms for patients education level
practicing only within the limits set forth by you license and states rules and regulations legal scope of practice
never inform the patient of any unanticipated occurrences F
in most states malpractice insurance is not required, because of coverage under the dentist insurance F,F
the hygienist is accountable for own actions. However, the dentist is always liable for legal action T,F?
appropriate amounts of anesthetic amount necessary to complete area in single appointment
disease that is not contractible by needle stick adenovirus
is disinfecting the operatory part of the post-exposure management protocol for occupational exposures no, part of risk management
it is acceptable to recap a needle using the one handed scoop method T
if needle stick occurs it is not necessary to report details, only that you were exposed F,F
Secondary prevention is when there is containment of injury and tertiary involves returning to normal state after injury T,T
PPE personal protective equipment
after an occupational exposure conducts test, provides antiretroviral therapy, and understands nature of dental injury QHCP
Identifies preventative methods and reduces risk of legal action risk management
after an exposure use bleach to clean area. However, if testing area immediately use soap and water F,T
Communication, documentation, and risk reduction protocols are necessary elements, they help reduce chance of litigation T,T
QHCP must take into consideration what factors infectious state, type and fluid amount, type of exposure, susceptibility
when handling a needle avoid only the penetrating end, the cartridge end is not at risk for contamination F,F
report any illegal activities to authorities and educate dentist about regulations regarding scope of practice T,T
Created by: polivkavitch
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