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Chapter 5 LA test 3

most important advantage of amide over ester less allergenicity
longest acting anesthetic bupivacaine with epi
least vasodilatory effect, used without epi mepivacaine
greatest vasodilatory effect without epi procaine
ml of solution in cartridge 1.8
factors of anesthetic includes all of the following except, hemostasis, contraindications, length of pain control, vitamin intake vitamin intake
is prilocaine an amide or ester amide
is topical benzocaine an amide or ester ester
is procaine an amide or ester ester
injectable esters of para aminbenzoic acid are not what commercially available in dentistry
metabolized in plasma and liver articaine
advantage of being metabolized in plasma nd liver short half life
metabolized in lungs and liver prilocaine
bacteriostatic agent that is no longer added to dental cartridges due to high incidence of allergic reaction methylparaben
how is 3 percent Mepivacaine formulated 3 percent plain
concern when selecting bupivacaine self mutilation
best option for readministration to provide a lessen likelihood of blood concentration build up articaine
the lower the pka of the drug the more cations are present, which decrease the onset of action f, the lower the pka the more anions the faster absorbed
not a factor in the duration of LA, response, anatomy, health assessment, technique health assessment (determined by assessment answers not the assessment directly) or response (response the same threshold different)
used with no vasoconstrictor to provide intermediate duration of action when administering a block prilocaine
best reason for choosing long duration postoperative pain control
lidocaine 1:50 is most effective at hemostasis
procaine is metabolized plasma
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