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siopa shopping
siop shop
siop ddillad clothes shop
siop fwyd food shop
siop lyfrau book shop
siop fara baker's
siop ffrwythau a llysiau fruit and veg shop
siop chwaraeon sport's shop
siop pysgod a sglodion fish and chips shop
siop fwyd cyflym fast food shop
siop losin sweet shop
siop gerddoriaeth music shop
siop teganau toy shop
siop ffilmiau film shop
siop fwyd iach/ siop iechyd health food shop
marchnad market
archfarchnad supermarket
Wy ti'n hoffi mynd siopa? Do you like going shopping?
Ydw, dw i'n hoffi mynd siopa Yes, I like going shopping
Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn hoffi mynd siopa No, I don't like going shopping
Mae'n well gen i chwarae pel droed I prefer to play football
Mae'n well gen i wylio'r teledu I prefer to watch tv
Mae'n well gen i siopa ar y we I prefer to shop on line
Dw i'n prynu dillad ar y we I buy clothes on line
Dw i’n hoffi gwisgo dillad smart/ chwaraeon/ cyfforddus I like wearing smart/ sports/ comfortable clothes
ond weithiau dw i’n gwisgo dillad smart/ chwaraeon/ cyfforddus but sometimes I wear smart/ sports/ comfortable clothes.
Dw i ddim yn hoffi gwisgo gwisg ysgol I don’t like wearing school uniform
achos mae’n anghyfforddus/ diflas/ ofnadwy because it’s uncomfortable/ boring/ terrible
Dw i’n hoffi siopa mewn Next/ River Island/ Tesco/ Sport Direct I like shopping in Next/ River Island/ Tesco/ Sports Direct
Yn fy marn i mae dillad___yn ffasiynol In my opinion___clothes are fashionable
Dw i’n dilyn y ffasiwn achos dw i eisiau bod yn cwl/ bod fel fy ffrindiau/ edrych yn smart I follow fashion because I want to be cool/ be like my friends/ look smart
Ond dydw i ddim yn dilyn y ffasiwn achos dw i ddim eisiau bod yn cwl/ bod fel fy ffrindiau/ edrych yn smart But I don’t follow fashion because I don’t want to look cool/ look like my friends/ look smart
Dw i’n hoffi siopa am dillad newydd I like shopping for new clothes
achos dw i’n hoffi cerdded o gwmpas y siopau because I like walking around the shops
achos dw i’n hoffi gwario fy arian because I like spending my money
achos dw i’n hoffi siopa gyda ffrindiau because I like shopping with my friends
Dydw i ddim yn hoffi siopa am dillad newydd I don't like shopping for new clothes
mae’n well gen i chwarae pel droed/ gwylio’r teledu. I prefer playing football/ watching the tv
mae’n well gen i fynd i'r sinema I prefer going to the cinema
Mae’n well gen i siopa ar lein I prefer shopping on line
achos mae’n haws because it’s easier
achos does dim angen mynd unman because you don't have to go anywhere
achos mae mwy o opsiynau because there are more options
Dw i’n hoffi siopa ar lein achos I like shopping on line because
Created by: WelshPolyglot



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