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USIDMS Extracranial Carotid

narrowing A stenosis causes a ________ in the vessel lumen.
tardus parvus A _______ _______ waveform can be seen distal to a severe carotid stenosis.
vertebral Hypertrophy of the _______ artery is a good indicator of an ICA occlusion.
ECA The first branch of the ____ is the superior thyroid artery.
dysarthria _________ means difficulty with muscle coordination when speaking.
contralateral Ataxia, hemiparesis, and hemiplegia all affect the ________ side of the affected carotid.
amaurosis fugax _________ ______ symptoms can be experienced on the ipsilateral side of the affected carotid.
retrograde _________ flow will be caused in the event of a subclavian steal.
70 CEAs are usually done on patients with a minimum of a _____% stenosis unless symptomatic.
ulceration A _______ can sometimes form within plaque causing a vascular flow within the cavity.
increased __________ contralateral velocities can be caused by carotid occlusions.
230 An ICA PSV of greater than _____ indicates there is a 70% or greater stenosis.
2.0; 4.0 An ICA/CCA ratio between _____ and _____ indicates there is between a 50 and 69% stenosis
paraganglioma A carotid body tumor is also known as a ___________.
media Fibromuscular dysplasia affects the _______ layer of medium sized vessels.
Created by: jlmaikranz1