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Biology vocab

Renewable resource Resource that can regenerate quickly and is replaceable
Nonrenewable rescourse Resource that cannot be replenished by natural resources
Pollutant Harmful material that can enter the biosphere through the land, air, or water
Biological magnification Increasing concentration of a harmful substance in organisms at higher trophic levels in a food chain or food web
Invasive species Plants and animals that have migrated to places where they are not native
Global warming Increase in a rage temperature on earth
Greenhouse effect Natural situation in which hear is retained in earths atmosphere by releasing carbon dioxide,methane, water vapor, and other gases
Carrying capacity Largest number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support
Smog Grey-brown mixture that occurs as a haze in the atmosphere
Acid rain Rain containing nitric and sulfuric acids
Conservation Wise management or natural resources including the preservation of habitats and wildlife
Ozone layer Band or ozone, a gas made up of 3 oxygen atoms
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