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Decker Bio B


What is the term for a feature that allows an organism to survive bettter in its environmet? Adaptation
All the individuals of a species that live in a particular area are called? population
The remnant of an organ that had a function in an early ancestor is known as a(n) Vestigial structure
Which scientist developed a calssification system for organisms? Carolus Linnaeus
What is the process in which humans breed organisms for certain traits? Artifical Selection
Individuals that are well adapted to their environment will survive and produce more offspring
the combined alleles of all the individuals in a population is called the gene pool
what are two main sources of geneitc variation mutations and recombinations
what type of selection occurs when individuals in a population with the intermediate phenotype are selected for stabilizing selection
When a few individuals start a new colony it most likely results in genetic drift through the founder effect
in the actual allele frequencies in a population do not match genotype fequencies predicted by the Hardy-Weinberg equation, the population is evolving`
Reproductive isolation occurs when members of different populations can no longer mate successfully
what type of isolation occurs when the timing of reproduction is different between two populations temporal
Coevolution is a process in which species evolve in response to changes in each other
two species that are closely related become increasingly different through divergent evolution
which of the following characteristics must a good index fossil have very common, easy to indentify, existed for a brief time, widespresad
the smallest unit of geologic time is a(n) epoch
what do scientists estimate as the age of the Earth 4.6 billion years old
the Miller-Urey experiment demonstrated that energy from lightning might have helped create Earths first organic molecules
Sceintists hypothesize that cyanobacteria changed the early Earth by adding oxygen to the atmosphere
The evolution of sexual reproduction is resulted in increased genetic variation
the first land organisms emerged during the Paleozoic era
the age of reptiles in a term often used to describe the Mesozoic era
which unit of geologic time followed the mass extinction of dinosuars Cenozoic era
What group of animals includes modern animals primates
the follsil records identifies the hominid with the largest brain as Homo neanderthalensis
Fossil evidence suggests Homo Sapiens first appeared 200,000 years ago
a group of organisms of the same species that live in the same area is called a(n) population
Ogranisms that deed on dead or decaying matter are called detritivores
which process is part of the hydrologic cycle evaporation
almost all autotrophs get their energy from sunlight
an organism that has an unusually large effect on an ecosystem is called a(n) Keystone species
which of these is an example of parasitism a leech feeds on a hosts body
nesting birds often space themselves evenly from other nests. This pattern is called uniform dispersion
which of the following will increase the size of population immigration and births
pinoeer species are the first organisms to live in perviously uninhabited areas
the layer of air surrounding Earth is known as the Atmosphere
a regions climate, unlike its weather, is based on a long-term pattern
the uppermost layer of branches in rain forest trees is called the canopy
communities on a mountain differ depending on the elevation
where is the tropical zone surrounding the equator
Trees that drop their leaves during the cold season are known as deciduous tress
tiny free-floating animals that live in water are called zooplankton
What are renewable resources resources that can replenish themselves over time
in what biome is biodiveristy the highest tropical rain forests
organisms are named and cdalssified based on physical characteristics in linnaean taxonomy
which of the following is the most abundant group of organisms on Earth bacteria
which of the following lists linnaean taza in the correct order from general to specific phylum, order, family, genus
in the linaean system of classification, which of the following is most commonly defined as a group of organisms that can breed and produce offspring species
how many domains are there in the most current tree of life three
how many kingdoms are there in the most current tree of life six
the name Canis lupis is an example of binomial nomenclature
This type of evidence is considered the most accurate in classifying organisms. molecular
genetic material of a virus consists of RNA or DNA
Prions are infectious particles composed of protein
a viral capsid is composed of proteins
In a lysogenic infection, once the DNA of the virus is incorporated into the bacterial DNA, the DNA is called prophage
Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections
Prokaryotes reproduce by binary fission
The term protozoa is generally used to describe animal-like protists
fungal cell walls are made of chitin
yeast that makes bread rise is sac-fungus
the process in which yeast reproduce by forming a daughter cell that is genetically identical buy smaller in size is called fission
why are most plants and some algae green they contain chlorophyll
pollination occurs when pollen meets female reproductive parts of the same plant species
Seed plants whose seeds are not enclosed in fruit are gymnosperms
fleshy fruits often play a role in seed dispersal when they are eaten and discarded by animals
how many seed leaves do dicots have 2
trees and most other woody plants are perennials
the study of plants is botany
the function of the vascular tissue is to transport water and nutrients
in the pressure-flow model, sugar is pumped into the phloem, water flows into the phloem through osmosis
roots absorb water partly through tiny extensions of dermal cells called root hairs
the blade of a leaf is connected to the stem by a thin stalk called a petiole
the upper surfaces of leaves are used mainly for light gathering
seedless plants disperse to new areas using spores
colorful fragrant flowers are most likely pollinated by animals
a coconut fruit can function in dispersing coconut seeds by floating in the water
during dormancy, what plant stage is protected from extreme conditions by the seed coat? the embryo
plant growers create new plants from parts of a parent plant using the process of vegetative propagation
a root growing downward and a shoot growing upward are both examples of gravitropism
Heterotrophs must eat other organisms because they cannot make their own food
Which animal is a vertebrae lizard
during the process of incomplete metamorphosis, a young insect looks like a miniature adult
the entire surface of an arthopod's body is covered by a protective exoskeleton
how many distinct body sections do crustaceans have 2
an organism that carries a disease from one host to another is known as a vector
an animal that has eight legs, fanglike pincers and ability to produce silk is an arachnid
what material makes the exoskeleton of most arthropods very hard? chitin
insects, bats, and birds are the only living groups of animals that have evolved true flight
Gills are large sheets of thin tissue that take in dissolved oxygen
what is the term for the fan-shaped array of bones in fish such as a goldfish and tuna? ray-fin
which animals ere the first to develop four limbs? amphibians
the first recognizable vertebrates were fish
sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage
which of the following is a membranous organ that develops in females mammals during pregnancy? placenta
amniote animals, whose embryos develop in a fluid-filled sac, include reptiles, birds, and mammals
compared to an ectotherm, an endotherm must eat more food
all mammals share the characteristic of having hair on their bodies
which reptilian traits or structures have monotremes retained? cloaca and egg-laying
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