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english 11 final exa

English 11 final exam study guide

Melancholy Sad, a feeling.
Sardonic Mocking.
Beleaguered To surround with military forces.
Querulously Complaining.
Taciturn Inclined to silence.
Tenuous Thin or slender inform; thread.
Impudent Shamelessness.
Oblique Sloping or Slanting.
Intangible Not definite or clear to mind.
Efface To wipe out.
Discern Discriminate.
Repugnant Offensive.
Incredulous Skeptical, showing unbelief.
Indignation Insulting.
Prolonged To lengthen out of time.
Tremulous Weakness.
Flux Flow or flowing; movement.
Pretext Excuse.
Imprudence Cautious.
Scintillating A spark or a flash. Sparkling.
Tangible Real or actual.
Inarticulate Not articulate.
Opulence Wealth, riches, or affluence.
Disconsolate Gloomy or cheerless.
Marrow A soft, fatty vascular tissue.
Mused To think or meditate in silence.
Derision Mockery.
Stoicism Philosophy.
Ominous Threatening.
Felicitous An action or a manner.
Affability Friendly.
Succumb Yield; wounds, old.
Desolately Devastated; solitary; lonely.
Slatternly Untidy.
Huckabuck Cotton.
Ebullition Outburst.
Benevolence Good will. An act of kindness.
Audacity Boldness or daring.
Austere Strict, severe.
Uncouth Awkward, clumsy, unmannerly.
Edith Wharton was the first female to Receive an honorary doctorate from Yale.
Edith Wharton wrote 40 books in 40 years.
How old was Wharton when she published her first poem in the Atlantic? 16.
Wharton’s novels include House of Mirth, Ethan Frome, The Age of Innocence.
Wharton designed and built her own home called_____ in____ Mount; 1902.
Why has Ethan remained in Starkfield? He had to take care of his family.
The following is an example of what rhetorical device, “When the storms of February had pitched their white tents about the devoted village \ and the wild cavalry of March winds had charged down to their support.” Metaphor.
Describe the Frome house as seen by the narrator. Thin wooden walls, worn out paint.
Why does Zenobia take Mattie into her home? So Mattie could work for her.
What reason does Zeena give for locking Ethan and Mattie out? She felt so mean she couldn't sleep.
How does Ethan react when Zeena announces she is going to Bettsbridge? He was concerned.
What happens to spoil Ethan and Mattie’s night together? The cat breaks Zeena's favorite pickle dish.
What does Ethan learn from Zeena after her return from Bettsbridge? She tells him she has to many complications.
How does Zeena discover the broken pickle dish? She goes to look for her medicine.
What does Ethan do after the women have fallen asleep? He decides he is going to leave Zeena and writes a letter of salutations to her.
Why does Ethan set out early to take Mattie to the station? He wants to relive those memories at the lake.
Why does Ethan agree to take Mattie down the hill a second time? They want to hit a tree so they can die.
What happens to Ethan as a result of the accident? He is scared and crippled.
How does Zeena behave after the “smash-up”? She begins caring for Ethan and Mattie.
In what part of the United States does this novel take place? Salinas, California.
Who are Lennie and George? Lennie is a developmentally disabled adult. George is his kindly companion. They travel together to find work.
What things does Lennie do and say that make him seem like a child? Lennie cries about having to give up the mouse and begs George to tell him a story. He always knows when he is going to get scolded. He has to be told things over and over. He always wants to hold soft, furry animals.
Where does George tell Lennie to hide if he gets in trouble? The brush.
Why does George answer the questions directed to Lennie? He doesn't want Lennie to get them into trouble.
Why does George tell Lennie to keep his distance from Curley and his wife? Because she might tell on them.
Why does Steinbeck call Slim “the prince of the ranch”? Slim is a leader, is an excellent Skinner and is respected by the other men.
Why does Carlson want to shoot Candy’s dog? Carlson says he wants to shoot the dog to put it out of its misery and also because he smells bad.
Why does Curley attack Lennie? What is Lennie’s reaction? He was laughing at him. Scared.
What role does Candy play in making Lennie and George’s dream of the farm seem possible? Candy confesses that he has some money set aside that he is willing to put toward the farm if George and Lennie will let him accompany them. Mother.
Why does Crooks talk to Lennie? Crooks is very lonely and sees that Lennie is no threat to him. He just wants to talk to someone.
How does Curley’s wife insult Crooks? She talks ugly about them. Curley’s wife implies that if Crooks doesn’t “keep his place,” she’ll say he flirted with her, and he’ll be lynched.
Why is Lennie angry as this chapter opens? Because the puppy is dead.
When Lennie tells Curley’s wife he isn’t supposed to talk to her, how does she react? He moaned with grief.
What are the actions that lead to Lennie killing Curley’s wife? Screaming and crying.
What are the visions Lennie has while he hides at the river? His Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit appear and tell him George will leave.
Describe what George does when he finds Lennie. He makes him turn around and talk about their little farms.
How does Slim comfort George after he shoots Lennie? By telling him he had to do it.
Where was John Steinbeck from? Salinas, California.
Where did he go to college? Why did he drop out? Stanford University. Dropped out of college and worked as a manual laborer before achieving success as a writer.
What two prizes did he win for Literature? Won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award.
What are some other books he wrote? Dubious battle, Of Mice and Men, The Long Valley.
What is parallel structure? The repetition of a chosen grammatical form within a sentence.
What is point of view? 1st person? 2nd? 3rd? 1st- someone telling you his or her story. 2nd- you being told how you should do something. 3rd- a camera recording events.
When should I underline titles? Magazines, books, newspapers, academic journals, films, television shows, long poems, plays, operas, musical albums, works of art, websites.
How can I correct a run-on sentence? Join the two clauses with a comma and a coordinating conjunction. Break the run-on sentence into two separate sentences. Join the clauses with a semi-colon and a conjunctive adverb followed by a comma; however, join the clauses with a semi-colon.
How do I cite textual evidence correctly? Introduce the quote. Cite parenthetically.
When is it plagiarism? Copying someone else work, and not giving them credit.
This will be about… I’m going to tell you.. Just don't do this.
Literary present, historical past Stay in the same tense throughout any paper you are writing.
Active vs. Passive voice Active-Active in a conservation Passive- produces a sentence in which the subject receives an action.
Identify and explain two themes from Ethan Frome. Adultery/cheating hurts more than those involved. Honesty - truth is better than hiding something.
If you were Ethan, would you have done anything differently? Yes.
What was the Great Depression? Why were some people willing to travel many miles to find work? The 'Great Depression' was a period in the United States and world history when business was poor and many people were out of work. There were very few jobs available.
What are some jobs performed by people who work on farms and ranches? Why is work often temporary? Jobs were temporary because the Dust Bowl hurt the farming industry by wiping out crops.
What are some problems faced by family and friends who help care for developmentally disabled people? They were viewed as outcasts. People wouldn't hire them.
How does having a friend make it easier to get through the bad times in life and make the good times even better? They know what you deal with in life. .
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