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Ethan Frome Vocab

Ethan Frome vocabulary all of the words from the book

Conspicuous Easily seen.
Oracle Agency of divine communication.
Melancholy Gloomy
Exanimate Lifeless
Deciduous Not permanent
Mein Demeanor
Sardonic Mocking
Beleaguered To surround with trouble.
Innocuous Harmless
Anecdote A short account.
Querulously Full of complaints.
Capitulate To give up.
Insurmountable Not able to be overcome.
Poignant Strong
Sentient Conscious
Spume Foam
Obscurity Unknown
Tactiturn Inclined to silence.
Chafed To irritate.
Colloquial Informal language/ conversation.
Reticent Reluctant
Allusion Reference
Assent To agree.
Undulations A wavelike motion.
Peristyle An open space, surrounded by a colonnade.
Furrows A depression in the face or to make a wrinkle in the face.
Tenuous Thin or slender in form.
Declivity A downward slope.
Impudent Shameless or brazenly immodest.
Effrontery Barefaced audacity.
Demurred Shy or modest.
Fatuity Complacent stupidity.
Oblique Not straight or direct.
Intangible Not definite or clear to the mind.
Efface To wipe out or do away with.
Obstinate Stubborn; not easily controlled.
Incisive Remarkably clear and direct.
Aprrehension Anticipation of misfortune.
Discern To detect.
Loutish ill-mannered, graceless.
Cutter Light sleigh.
Incredulous Skeptical
Irresolutely Unsurely
Pantomime Acting without speaking/ gestures.
Elude Escape
Disdainfully Proudly or arrogantly.
Misgivings Feelings of doubt or despair.
Faltered Stammered
Indignation Anger stirred up by unjust.
Larches Pine trees.
Suffused Spread over or through.
Quavered Shook or trembled.
Prolonged Expansion of scope.
Tremulous Affected by timidity.
Repugnant Disgusting
Scintillating Sparkling or dazzling.
Draughts Cold gust of wind.
Indentured Contracted one person to work for another.
Barren Nothing, empty.
Imperceptible Unable to be sensed.
Tangible Real, able to be felt.
Merino Soft wool
Sedentary Idle
Thrice 3 times.
Valise A suitcase.
Laden Loaded
Preclude To rule out.
Plaintively Sadly
Sorrel A reddish, brown animal.
Flux Continuous change or flow.
Pretext An act to hide one’s real intentions.
Imprudence Lacking discretion or judgement.
Unfounded Not based on fact.
Inarticulate Lacking the ability to express yourself.
Marrow The inmost or essential part.
Cessation A temporary or complete stopping.
Convivial Friendly
Volubility Fluent or talkative.
Pathological Morbid, caused by disease.
Inevitable Unavoidable
Forebodings Bad predictions, omens.
Feigned Pretended
Scrupulous Meticulously
Opulence Wealth
Genial Gracious
Cupulo Vaulted ceiling.
Roan Reddish colored horse.
Discomfiture Embarrassment.
Epitaph Inscription on a tombstone.
Unbidden Uninvited
Contagion The spreading of an attitude.
Insatiable Impossible to satisfy.
Implored Begged
Disconsolate Gloomily
Subdued Hushed, quieted.
Indolent Lazy
Gaunt Extremely thin.
Countenance An appearance or expression.
Wainscot A paneling for walls.
Languid Lazily, slowly.
Stoicism An indifference to pleasure and pain.
Ominous Having a menacing or frightening aspect.
Loth Reluctant
Squalid Dirty and degraded.
Ministrations Attention
Perfunctory Routinely, automatically.
Ponderous Heavy and slow-moving.
Heedless Unaware; oblivious.
Aver To prove.
Deigned Lowered to a level considered inappropriate to maintaining one's dignity.
Mused Considered thoughtfully.
Derision Ridicule; scorn.
Consecrated Dedicated to a specific purpose; devoted.
Felicitous Pleasant, delightful.
Succumb To yield to an overpowering force.
Resolute Bold and steady.
Foist To impose (force) a burden on someone.
Recrimination A counter accusation; returning one accusation with another.
Checked Stopped
Inexorable Unchanging
Vehemence Intensity
Peril A source of possible harm; danger, risk.
Antipathy Dislike
Abhor To hate strongly; to loathe.
Smote Attacked sharply.
Compunction Anxiety from guilt.
Wrath Anger
Ingratiatingly Pleasantly, agreeably.
Regaled Entertained, amused.
Affibility Pleasantness.
Desolately Joyless, sadly.
Emitted Uttered, voiced, expressed.
Evocation The act of calling forth, evoking.
Injuction A command, direction.
Huckabuck A coarse fabric.
Ebullition A sudden outburst.
Benevolence Good will or deeds.
Lumbago A severe backache.
Oxydized Rusted; decayed.
Curtly Using a short and rude tone.
Mottlings Clumps; blotches.
Boles Trunks of trees.
Facetious Funny, humorous.
Uncouth Plain; not fancy; common.
Adjured Pleaded
Discursively Off the subject.
Feint A pretension; ploy.
Contemptulously Boldly
Audacity Boldness, arrogance.
Exultantly Joyfully, happily, jubilantly.
Avowal A declaration.
Heeded Obeyed.
Cowered Crouched, cringed, recoiled.
Drone A continuous monotonous sound.
Slatternly Drab and dirty.
Swarthy Dark
Austere Somber and grave.
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