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Exam 4

Anatomy & Pysiology 1 Exam 4

Efferent nerve fibers may be described as motor nerve fibers T/F true
Myelination of the nerve fibers in the central nervous system is the job of the oligodendrocyte T/F true
During depolarization, the inside of the neurons membrane becomes less negative T/F true
If bacteria invaded the CNS tissue, microglia would migrate to the area to engulf and destroy them. true
Which of the following is not a function of astrocytes? provide defense for the CNS
Which of the choices below describes the ANS motor fibers that conduct nerve impulses from the CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands
What are ciliated CNS neuroglia that can play an active role in moving the cerebrospinal fluid called? ependymal cells
The sheath of Schwann is also called the myelin sheath
The period after an initial stimulus when a muscle cell is not sensitive to another stimulus is the absolute refractory period
Which of the following is not a special characteristic of mature neurons? they are mitotic
The part of the neuron that conducts impulses away from its cell body is called _____ axon
An impulse from one nerve cell is communicated to another nerve cell via the __ synapse
Which of the following is not a function of the autonomic nervous system? innervation of skeletal muscle
The term central nervous system refers to the brain and spinal cord
The substance released at axon terminals to propagate a nervous impulse is called _____ neurotransmitter
A neuron that has its primary function the job of connecting other neurons is called ___ association neuron
Why does a hypertension phase generally follow a repolarization phase in action potential? The hypertension is the response to the stimulus, repolarization. Repolarization is resting for the next hyperpolarization phase
Preparing the body for the "fight or flight" response is the role of the ____ sympathetic nervous system
The somatic and automatic nervous systems differ in all of the following except all of the neurotransmitters
The "resting and digesting" division of the automatic nervous system is the ___ parasympathetic division
Control of temperature, endocrine activity, and thirst are functions associated with the ___ hypothalamus
Which of these effectors is not directly controlled by the autonomic nervous system? skeletal muscle
The sympathetic division is often casually referred to as the ______ fight or flight
Which of the following statements concerning the brainstem is true? damage to the brainstem is usually fatal
In the CNS, clusters of gray matter containing cell bodies are called nuclei
Which of the following is correctly associated with the medulla oblongata? it relays sensory information
The fact that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body is explained by the division of the cerebellum into two hemispheres
The pyramids of the medulla contain ascending sensory tracts
Which portion of the brain stem is continuous with the spinal cord? medulla oblongata
A patient with a traumatic head injury may exhibit vomiting as a result of irritation of nuclei in the Medulla oblongata
A small lesion on the brainstem which resulted in a rapid heart rate, intense vasoconstriction, and elevated blood pressure would probably be located in the medulla oblongata
The part of the brain that connects the medulla to the midbrain is the pons
Which two portions of the brain are involved in controlling respiration? pons, hypothalamus
The sleep/wake cycle is influenced by the reticular formation
The reticular formation maintains alertness and attention
The cerebellum communicated with other parts of the CNS by means of nerve tracts called the cerebellar peduncles
The white matter of the cerebellum forms a branching network known as the arbor vitae
The portion of the cerebellum that is involved in balance and eye movements is the vermis
The stalk that connects the hypothalamus to the hypophysis (pituitary gland) is the infundibulum
Most sensory input that ascents through the spinal cord and brainstem projects to the thalamus
The mammillary bodies are involved in emotional responses to oders
An individual who has an eating disorder along with intense thirst and wildly varying body temperatures may have a dysfunction of the hypothalamus
Which of the following feelings is not related to hypothalamic function feeling satiated after a meal
The pineal body appears to play a role in controlling the onset of puberty
The cerebral gyri increase the surface area of the cortex
The central sulcus separates the frontal and partial lobes
During brain surgery, the superior portion of the postcentral gyrus of a patient is stimulated. The patient is most likely to smile
If an animal has had its cerebrum removed, it cannot live
The limbatic system is a memory area in the mid brain
The central nervous system develops from a flat mass of tissue called the neural tube
The size of various regions of the somatic sensory cortex is proportional to the ______ sensory receptors in the area of the body number of
Which of the following functions is most likely to be preformed by the visual association area? "recognizes" the face of a close friend
Damage to Wernicke's area would result in "seeing stars"
If Broca's area is damaged, the result is inability to think of things to say
A patient has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that has damaged the primary motor area of his right cerebral cortex. As a result the patient cannot voluntarily move his left arm or leg
Mike who is left handed decided to wear his favorite t-shirt to his anatomy class. On his t-shirt were the words "only left handed people are in their right minds" What does this statement mean? This means that left handed people are controlled by the right side of the brain.
What does lateralization of cortical functioning mean? we use both cerebral hemispheres for almost every activity, and the hemisphere appear nearly identical. there is a division of labor, and each hemisphere has a uniqueabilities not shared by its partner.
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