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ATS-Science 7

Invertebrates & Animal Behavior Test Study Guide

Cnidarians have stinging ___________ called __________ Cells nematocysts
Most mollusks have ________ circulatory systems. open
All annelid worms have what type of bodies? segmented
Two types of gastropods that use a radula are __________ and _________. Slugs and Snails
What type of skeleton helps an arthropod to move? exoskeleton
An endoskeleton has what type of skeleton? internal
Innate behaviors are inherited through what? Genes
An exoskeleton has what type of skeleton? Hint: "EX" oskeleton exterior
A series of True or False?Arthropods have specialized parts.canals filled with fluid is called what-type of system? water vascularTrue
A water vascular system is unique to what phylum? Echinoderm
What is it called when 2 sides of an animal's body mirror each other? bilateral symmetry
The 4 stages of complete metamorphosis are_________? 1) eggs 2) larvae 3) pupa 4) winged adult
The 3 stages of incomplete metamorphosis are_________? 1) eggs 2) nymph 3) winged adult
A simple eye can detect light. A compound eye can detect what ? images
True or False? Functions of neurons include carrying messages. True
True or False? Arthropods have specialized parts. True
True or False? Functions of neurons include helping animals sense their environment. True
True or False? Functions of neurons include digesting food. False
True or False? Functions of neurons include helping animals move. True
True or False? Arthropods have jointed limbs. True
True or False? Arthropods have an exoskeleton. True
True or False? Arthropods have a well developed nervous system. True
The word arthropod means ____________ ____________. jointed foot
The word invertebrate means ___________________________________. animal without a backbone
A bundle of nerve cells are called a __________________. ganglion
Jelly fish and coral both have what? nematocysts (stinging cells)
What do mollusks use to move? a foot
Bristle-like structures on the ventral side of an earthworm that help them move are called _________________________. setae
What helps a sea star to move, eat and breath? Hint: what type of system? a water vascular system
The simplest invertebrates are _________________. Sponges ( also known as Phylum Porifera)
Simple animals with flat legless bodies are called what? Flatworms (Platyhelminthes)
An animal with 2 layers of cells with many pores is a ____________? Porifera
Animals with a tube-like body divided into many segments are classified into what phylum? Annelida
The crop and gizzard are part of the ______________ ______________ of an earthworm? digestive system
Why must coral live in shallow water? Because algae needs sunlight for photosynthesis
What are 3 characteristics that all animals have? 1) heterotroph 2) multicellular 3) cell membranes
Cnidarians have what kind of symmetry? Radial
Worms have what type of symmetry? bilateral
Stinging cells found on jellyfish are called ______________________, nematocysts
Organisms that grow on or in other organisms and also cause harm to them are what? Hint: think of a flea on a dog parasites
The 2 body forms of a cnidarian are called what? 1)polyp (vase shape & sessile) 2) medusa (bowl shape & move)
Closed or Open circulatory system? A planaria? Open
Closed or Open circulatory system? A tapeworm? Open
Closed or Open circulatory system? A earthworm? Closed
Closed or Open circulatory system? A hookworm? Open
2 ways that earthworms are beneficial to plants are? 1) they fertilize the soil 2) They aerate the soil
In order to grow larger, all arthropods must undergo the process of _______________________. molting
A miniature version of an adult arthropod is called this. nymph
What type of circulatory system do arthropods have? Open
Created by: glink
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