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SLS Bio11 Animals TZ

asexual reproduction Offspring only come from one parent. Genes from one parent only.
cell Biological unit of all known living organisms. Can replicate on their own.
cephalization The head of an organism (brain). Control center.
closed circulatory system A system where blood is closed in vessels. Blood is pumped though the vessels by the heart.
coelom, colonial An organism with a fluid filled body.
fluid feeding Eat/feed on the fluid of other organisms. Example: Sucking Blood
endoskeleton An internal skeleton.
excretion Waste products are removed (pooping)
exoskeleton An external skeleton
filter feeding Filter water and eat/strain out food particles in the fluid.
free-living Organisms that live independently.
internal transport The transport of molecules through an organisms bloodstream.
invertebrates An organism without a backbone.
life functions Organs and systems that carry out activities need to for life.
medusa A types of cnidarian were the body is shaped like an umbrella (Medusa's Hair). The other main body form is the polyp.
motility The contraction of muscles that allow an organism to poop.
multicellular Having or consisting of many cells.
niche A place were an organism lives.
open circulatory system Blood is directly in contact with organs (bathes them) .
organ Help an organism carry out a certain function that helps run the animal.
organ system A group of organs that work together to carry out a job or a few jobs.
parasite/parasitic An organisms that lives off another organism.
polyp Weird animals tat are round and have tentacles and look like sea anemone.
reproduction The making of offspring
respiration Breathing
sessile An organism attached by its base (Barnacle)
sexual reproduction Reproduction where gametes fuse together (egg and sperm)
symmetry Being the same on both sides.
tissue Similar cells from the same origin that together carry out a specific job.
vertebral column Spinal Column.
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