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Life Sci - Chap 7

study guide

Define evolution and give an example the ability of an organism/ population to gradually change over time. Allows and organism to survive. Horses are an organism that has evolved over time
Explain what a species is a group of organisms that are closely related; can mate and produce fertile offspring.
Animals and plants adapt to their environment. What is adaptation? characteristic that helps an organism survive. Can be both physical and behavioral.
What is the best evidence of evolution on Earth? fossils
Define fossil remains or imprints of once living organisms that are preserved ; mostly in layers of rock
How can scientists develop a fossil timeline? by comparing the fossils that are found deeper down - the older ones to the ones found closer to the surface
List three forms of evidence that evolution does exist fossils, comparing bone structures, comparing DNA
How can scientists compare skeletal structures to determine species common ancestry? they compare the bone similiarities
How can scientists compare DNA for common ancestry? by comparing current DNA with past DNA to check for similarities
Who is the father of evolution? Charles Darwin
What ship did Darwin sail on his voyage? HMS Beagle
What islands did Darwin draw major conclusions on evolution? the Galapagos islands
What type of bird did Darwin examine and compare? finches
What major characteristic did Darwin compare with the birds? the shapes of their beaks
Define a trait an inherited characteristic
Explain selective breeding human practice of breeding animals or plants to have certain desired traits
Give an example of selective breeding a good trait into the offspring. Breeding to get things like good fertility, speed, larger produce, etc
Give an example of selective breeding a bad trait out of the offspring you don't have animals or plants reproduce so that undesired trait will die out
Explain natural selection. Give an example individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce more successfully "survival of the fittest" - Deer that are slower will more likely be caught by predators that faster running deer.
Natural selection changes populations. Give an example of a change that helps an animal from being hunted? Some animals have adapted coloration strategies so they blend in with their background and aren't easily seen by predators - "camouflage"
Give an example of a change that animals become resistant to a chemical in their environment. Insects become resistant to pesticides meant to kill them
What is speciation? formation of a new species as a result of evolution
In forming a new species what is separation? when part of the population becomes separated from the rest
In forming a new species what is adaptation? if environmental conditions for like groups that were seperated differ, the adaptation swill differ - causing them to evolve with a different set of traits
In forming a new species what is division? two separated groups - over time - may become very different. Then, even if the geographical barrier is removed, the groups may not be able to interbreed anymore.
What is sediment?
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