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dentures & amalgam

a mouth denture set replaces all the teeth in the maxillary or mandibular arch true
a single denture is another term for a partial denture in that some natural teeth remain in the arch receiving the single denture true
teeth dehydrate when they are isolated for a period of time and may appear whiter true
home bleaching is very popular with patients because of the lower cost true
the bleaching process will make all teeth their whitest and brightest false
the ADA seal indicates the abrasive particles in the toothpaste do not exceed the maximum acceptable abrasive true
tooth sensitivity is sometimes treated with sodium fluoride treatments true
a computerized occlusal analysis system, t-scan III, can provide vivid graphics of the patient occlusion true
copal varnishes are places under composite restorations, not amalgam restorations true
mercury is metal true
when curing lights are used a shield is used false
calcium chloride can provide a mild irritant that is necessary for secondary dentin to form false
the cavity liner placement is to cover the entire cavity preparation false
liners are often called low-strength bases true
ZOE Type I is mixed on a glass slab in order to control setting time false
the IRM material can be placed in the patient's mouth and will last up to 1 year true
a section matrix system is most often used on Class IV restorations false
the AutoMatrix is a matrix w/out a retainer true
if the tofflemire matrix band becomes creased or bent during assembly, it is thrown away true
moving the inner knob will increase or decrease the size of the loop to math the diameter of the tooth true
the wedges are usually placed from the lingual on the posterior teeth true
the QuickDam can be used w/ or w/out a dental dam clamp true
the tooth that the dental dam clamp is placed on is called the anchor tooth true
the wedges are usually placed from the facial when used on posterior teeth false
wax impression material is used to take impressions of several of the pt's mouth
which type of gypsum is best used for ortho models model
which type of gypsum is best used for general study models type II
which type of wax is used for for the bite registrations baseplate wax
type of denture that may be placed in the presence of natural teeth is called a/an none
a veneer covers the facial surface
a die is a stone replica of the tooth preparation
the desirable use zone for a blowtorch is Zone III
the average biting force in the anterior region is about 40 lbs
a chemical attack on pure metals or amalgam is corrosion
the modulus of elasticity measures the ____ of a material stiffness
which cement has a soothing palliative effect on the tooth zinc oxide eugenol
which 2 cements use chemical bonding for retention glass ionomer and polycarboxylate
in preparing the tooth to receive a restoration, the ____ is the side of the prep wall
3 surfaces meet and form a point angle
____ varnish contains organic solvents and is used only under metal restorations copal
what seals the dentin tubules varnishes
mercury levels are determined in the human body by testing the blood
the actual mechanical means of combining alloy and mercury is trituration
the bottom side of the tofflemire matrix retainer is directed to gingival tissue
wedges are used when the prep involves a proximal surface
the ___ is the part of the tofflemire retainer that is used to adjust the size of the band inner knob
time period when the material can be manipulated w/out adverse effect working time
tendency of amalgam to deform under constant pressure creep
ability of a material to return to its original form when stress is removed elasticity
force of the union of one substance w/ another bonding
tendency of metals to produce an electrical charge when in contact w/ each other galvanization
period of time when material assumes shape but remains pliable nitial set
mixing of mercury w/ other alloy material to form an amalgam triuration
ability of the material to resist fracture flow
period of time when the material becomes as hard as it will be setting time
reproduction of a prepared tooth die
hardening of a material through a chemical or light-activated response cure process
maximum amount of resistance before penetration or scratching can occur hardness
submersion into water hygroscopic
amount of pulling stress required to rupture the material tensile strength
chemical release of heat exothermic
max amount of stress a material can w/stand w/out deformation yield strength
ability to w/stand deformation w/out fracture while undergoing max compression stress malleability
ability of material to withstand permanent deformation w/out a fracture under elongation stress ductility
absorption of water hydrophilie
amount of change in form that takes place during heart exposure coefficient of thermal expansion
ability of the material to transmit heat thermal conductivity
taking on water imbibtion
maintains storage life inhibitor
giving off water hydrophobia
hue, croma, value color
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