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LC Biology

BINARY FISSION The method used by a bacteria to reproduce
ENDOSPORE What bacteria form to survive harsh conditions
FACULTATIVE ANAEROBE Can respire with or without oxygen e.g E.coli ( found in the small intestines)
OBLIGATE ANAEROBE Can only respire in the absence of oxygen
ANTIBIOTIC substances that are produced by micro-organisms that stop the growth of or kill other micro-organisms without damaging human tissue.
LAG PHASE 1st stage of growth curve of bacteria. - Brief period of adaption by the cells to the new conditions - Bacteria producing the enzymes necessary to digest nutrients
LOG PHASE 2nd stage of growth curve of bacteria -rapid period of growth - plenty of nutrients -few waste products being produced -rate of cell division is at its maximum rate of growth
STATIONARY PHASE 3rd stage Rate of growth levels off - nutrients are being used up - amount of waste produced by bacteria themselves is increasing
DEATH PHASE 4th and final stage More bacteria are dying than being produced - very few nutrients are left - bacteria are poisoned by their own waste. - rate of growth is falling
Created by: siobhangilsenan