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Career Choices 8

Career Choices Chapter 8 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

oppurtunities a good chance for promotion or growth
flatter to praise inordinately especially when inspired by self‐interest
courage bravery; nerve; guts
reputation recognition of other people of some quality or characteristic
motivation the driving force; incentive
technique how details are treated in a certain trade or art; methodology
temporary lasting for only a short or limited time
abstract theoretical; hypothetical
postpone put off the execution of some task
struggle to move forward with trouble or against obstacles
joyous full of joy
temptation enticement; something tempting
wishful having to do with wishes and not reality  
privy being “in on” a secret 
discipline self‐contro
destructive intended to destroy; ruinous
goal the purpose for which effort is exerted; aim
objective crucial position to be attained; goal; aim
diagram a drawing that explains something 
beliefs confidence in the truth of something
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