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Dist. & Log.

Distribution and Logistics

Agents A business unit that negotiates purchases, sales, or both but does not take title to the goods in which it deals.
Channel of Distribution An organized network (system) of agencies and institutions which, in combination, perform all the functions required to link producers with end customers to accomplish the marketing task.
Distribution Center A facility for the receipt, storage, and redistribution of goods to company stores or to customers. It may be operated by retailers, manufacturers, or distribution specialists.
E-marketplace An internet location owned by a company or consortium which allows other companies or individuals to get new suppliers or buyers for their products.
Exclusive Distribution A form of market coverage in which a product is distributed through one particular wholesaler or retailer in a given market area.
Indirect Distribution A channel whereby goods and services are sold indirectly from producer through independent middlemen to final users.
Intensive Distribution A form of market coverage in which a product is distributed through all available wholesalers or retailers who stock and sell the product in a given market area.
Inventory Goods or merchandise available for resale.
Inventory Turnover The number of times average inventory is sold during a specified time period (usually one year).
Physical Distribution A concept or approach to managing the finished goods inventory of the firm. Typically it includes transportation, warehousing, inventory, and order processing functions of the firm.
Rack Jobbers A wholesale middleman operating principally in the food trade, supplying certain classes of merchandise that do not fit into the regular routine of food store merchandise resource contacts.
Retailers A merchant middleman who is engaged primarily in selling to ultimate consumers. One retailer may operate a number of establishments.
Selective Distribution A form of market coverage in which a product is distributed through a limited number of wholesalers or retailers in a given market area.
Wholesalers A merchant establishment operated by a concern that is primarily engaged in buying, taking title to, usually storing and physically handling goods in large quantities, and reselling the goods (usually in smaller quantities) to retailers/ industries.
Balance of Trade The difference between exports and imports.
Embargo The prohibition of shipment of goods or services to designated countries.
European Union (EU) Free trade among European nations, all using the eruo.
Globalization When a business sells the same product to other countries without any customization.
International Trade The exchange of goods and services among nations.
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Trade agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
Tariff A published set of rates for transportation and distribution services.
World Trade Organization (WTO) A global group of nations that make the rules governing international trade.
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