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Paragraph Review

Match the Supporting Detail with the Topic Sentence

The Civil War had a monumental affect on our nation. One famous battle was fought at Vicksbur, Mississippi.
There are many steps involved in making homemade bread. You must carefully measure the flour.
The respiratory system is responsible for providing our body with oxygen. We first breathe air in through our nose or mouth.
Having a pet of any type has been proven to reduce stress levels. Many people prefer to have a cat as a pet.
Easter is a very important holiday for my family. I love it when we color and decorate the eggs.
Pizza offers such a variety that it is perfect for any meal of the day. Cindy likes to eat pizza for breakfast.
There are many amazing facts you may not know about Africa. More than a thousand languages are spoken in Africa.
The cheetah's body makes it an incredible predator. It's long shoulder blades and large shoulder muscles provide long, rapid strides for the cheetah.
Wild dogs and wolves have both similarities and differences. Like wolves, wild dogs live in a pack led by a male and female breeding pair.
Animals of all breads are capable of learning amazing tricks. A cat in Philadelphia, PA sits and plays the paino.
Created by: Eirothstein