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Sief Eng Review

benefactor someone who gives a gift or a donation in order to help others.
empathy is the act of sharing and experiencing the thoughts and feeling of the the others because you understand them.
endeavor serious effort or attempt to do something challenging.
entail include or involve as necessary part or result of something
extensive great in size, amount or degree.
multitude a large number of objects or people.
tentatively doing something with hesitation or uncertainty.
adjustment change or correction.
chattering having a conversation that is hard to understand.
ember a piece of wood or coal that doesn't have a flame but is burning.
mentor a counselor or teacher who helps someone with less experience.
rappot to have a friendly relationship or understanding of each other.
reunites something brings people together again
sturdy strongly built and not likely to break.
answerable you must explain your actions to a person.
lounge room that people use to relax.
proportion the proper relationship between two things in size, amount, or importance
alliteration is when two or more words in lose proximity begin with the same consonant sound.
assossance a poem repeats the same or similar vowel sounds in a group of words.
free verse poetry that has no fixed rhyme scheme or meter and uses the natural rhythms of speech.
narrative poem tells a story.
audacity boldness that comes from confidence or arrogance.
deception act that conceals the truth or gives false impression
exploits notable deeds or heroic achievements.
oblivious unaware of something.
somber depressing and dismal or showing low spirit.
steadfast a person is firmly dedicated to something.
valiant brave and courageous
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