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Biology Exam 2


What is the sequence of bases on the complementary strand of this I-DNA strand? 3' TACCTTCAGCCT 5'. ATGGAAGTCGGA
What is the sequence of bases on the strand of mRNA that is synthesized from the original strand of DNA? AUGGAAGUCGGA
Name the organelle where-the synthesis of mRna takes place. Nucleus
What is the anticodon on the TRNA for the first (1st) codon on mRNA transcribed from this segment of DNA, 3' TACCTTCAGCCT 5'? TAC
During "normal conditions' proteins are essential for all the following except _____: production of energy
Name the organelle where the codon and anticodon couplings take place. Ribosome
____ is coiled in a double helix. DNA
____ contains thymine. DNA
____ contains cytosine. DNA and RNA
The final electron/ hydrogen acceptor in aerobic respiration is ____. Oxygen
____ contains uracil. RNA
____ brings amino acids to the ribosome. TRNA
____ is involved in transcription. DNA polymerase
The genetic code depends on bases (nucleotides) in groups of ____. Three
If mRNA is transcribed from a chain of DNA with the base sequence 3' CATTAG 5', the mRNA will have the sequence GUAAUC
DNA, but not RNA, contains ____. thymine
Transfer RNA functions in ____. carrying amino acids to the correct site on the mRNA
How many amino acids would the polypeptide encoded by 3' ACCTCCCCGCAT 5' have? Four
The second codon on the mRNA derived from the segment will be ____. 3' ACCTCCCCGCAT 5' AGG
The anticodon of the tRNA for the third codon on the MRNA will be ____. 3' ACCTCCCCGCAT 5' CCG
Through gene codes ultimately for all aspects of a protein's structure, it codes directly only for ____. a primary structure
A certain gene codes for a polypeptide that is 126 amino acids long. The portion of the gene that codes for this polypeptide is probably how many nucleotides long? 378
A nonsense mutation is one in which the substitution of one nucleotide for another results in a triplet ____. that does not code for any amino acid
The nucleolus is a specialized region of a chromosome where the tRNA is synthesized. False
In base substitution mutations only a single nucleotide of a gene is altered. True
Some amino acids are specified by several "synonymous" codons. True
How many codes are there from the universal genetic code? 64
In the genetic code how many stop codes are there? 3
The genetic code, DNA, carries codes for ____. Proteins
In the last stage of aerobic respiration, ____ is the final acceptor of electrons that originally reside in glucose. Oxygen
In alcoholic fermentation, ____ is the final acceptor of electrons stripped from glucose. acetaldehyde
The germentation pathways produce no more ATP beyond the small yield from glycolysis, but the remaining reactions ____. Regenerate
In certain organisms and under certain conditions, ____ can be used as ab energy alternative to glucose. Fatty acids, amino acids, glycerol.
Electron transfer chains involve ____. Enzymes and cofactors, and electron transfers.
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