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Quiz 1

Chapter 1-11 Pearson comprehensive dental assistant

What concept can a statement made at time of treatment be admissible as evidence?? Res getae
Example of Res Ipsa Loquitur ?? Root canal file breaks and is left inside; following treatment, and patient not informed.
What is Bruxism?? Grinding of teeth
What is the hardest tissue of the body?? Enamel
What is Crepitus?? Crackling or grinding sound
EFDA/EDDA is covered by??? Dental practice act for each state
What is Hippocratic Oath?? Do no harm
What is Free Gingiva?? Dark pink tissue
What is Hippocrates known as?? Father of medicine
What is Malpractice Incorrect or negligent treatment by a professional
What is implied contract/concent Agreement that is implied based on the patient's action
How do you correct an error?? Draw a single line and place initials
What is due care? What any reasonable or prudent dental care professional would do under similar circumstances
What is Abandonment? Withdrawing without notice; failing to provide referral
What are 3 parts of tooth bud?? (EPF) Enamal Organ, Papilla, Follicle
What is a brush biopsy?? When cellular material is collected on a small brush then transferred to a glass slide
What is Actinomycosis?? Infection caused by an anaerobic (w/o oxygen) bacterium
What are the four tissue types that make up tooth? Enamel, Dentin, Cementrum, Pulp
When do permanent first molars erupt? Age 6
What are the four types of Dentin Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Mantle
What is the Pulp Structure combined of? Pulp horns, Coronal, Accessory Canal, Radicular, Apical
What are the three element contained in tooth bud? Cement oblast, osteoblasts, fibroblast
What are the basic principles?? Autonomy, Nonmaleficence, Beneficence, Justice, Veracity
What does Autonomy refer to? Self governance
What does Nonmaleficence refer to? Do no harm
What does Beneficence refer to? Do good
What does Justice refer to? Fairness
What does Veracity refer to? Truthfulness
What does Foremen Magnum Large opening in the occipital bone that allows the spinal cord to pass through the bone into the brain
What will cause gag reflex? placing evacuation too near the back of mouth
What is Embrasure? V-shaped space above each tooth
What is HIPAA Regulations; patient able to review charts or request copies of radiographs
How is attachment apparatus formed? Cementum, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone
What are the supporting structures of periodontium Cementum, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone
What are the four primary tissue types in the human body?? Epithelial, muscle, connective, nerve
Labial?? Toward the lips
Created by: Karinakrh