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Career Choices 7

Career Choices Chapter 7 Vocabulary (Freshman Experience)

alma mater the school, college, or university someone attended
automatic something done without the need for thought; unconscious
issue to put out or deliver, usually officially
logical capable of reason
evaluate to measure the value of something
differentiate to distinguish between at least two things
essential indispensable; a part so important to a thing that to remove it would destroy the thing itself
gratification satisfaction or enjoyment
long-term taking place over a long period of time
pro an argument for a certain course of action
con an argument against a certain course of action
probability something that is likely to come to pass
analyze to study all the parts of something in order to understand it
apprenticeship someone who is learning through work experience with people skilled in a specific art or trade
certification being certified, as in a trade or skill
expedite to take care of right away
agonize struggle or suffer
fret to worry
avoidance the act of evading something
tendency a inclination toward a certain type of action or behavior
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