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Exam 2 Bio 2

chapter 33

sponges pinacocyte cells are... flattened cells lining the exterior of sponge
sponges choanocyte cells are..... flagellated cells with a collar
sponges amebocytes cells.... move through the mesophyl
sponges amebocytes transport _____, act as ____ cells and produce skeleton food
The flexible fibers in sponges are called spongin
sponges are _______ so they produce both egg and sperm hemaphroditic
sponges produce no _____ tissues embryonic
a gastrovascular cavity is the ____ sack in cnidarians interior
what are the two stages of cnidaria medusa and polyp
the synapomorphy of cnidaria is that they produce cells called ____ cnidocytes
sea anenomes are is what stage medusa
coral form a mutualistic relationship with ____ algae
cephalopods have what kind of circulatory system closed
Phylum annelida ha worms with ______ segmentation
earth worms have a____ circulatory system closed
what is ecdysozoa animals that _____ their ______ shell shed, outer
arthopods have a head,____ and _____ abdomen,thorax
Arthropods are covered by an exoskelton made of _____ chitin
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