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Exam 2 Bio 2

chapter 34

chordates are ____ vertebrates
Vertebrates have 2 or more sets of ___ genes hox
Vertebrates produce ____ crest cells neutal
neutal crest cells originate from the ____ chord nerve
vertebrates are not ____ feeders suspension
Pharyngeal slits become modified to form ___ slits in many aquatic vertebrates gill
_____ was a suspension-feeder also produced a large _____, eyes, and gills hicooella, brain
Clade gnathostomia are vertebrates with ____ and _____skeletons jaws, mineralized
Jaws increase _____ opportunities feeding
Jaws most likely evolved from 3rd and 4th ____ bars in g________ ancestors gill,gnathostome
______- Line systems sense ______ in surrounding water lateral,vibrations
some sharks are oviparous which means they ... lay eggs
some sharks are oviviparous have eggs nourish young, but they hatch _____ mother’s body inside
some sharks are vivaparous which means their young are nourished through a _____ and are born young placenta
_____are gnathostomes with limbs and have necks tetapods
Tetrapod bodies evolve from _____-_____ fish lobe-finned
amphibians include frogs and toads, salamanders, and ____ caecilians
amniotes are animals that produce ____ eggs amniotic
an amniotic egg has a _____ shell and ___ specialized membranes inside. waterproof,4
_____ reptiles must use behavior to modify body temperature ecothermic
Archaeopteryx is one of the most famous ____ in the world fossils
Birds evolve from a group of _____ dinosaurs theropod
amniotes with ____ allows for endothermy hair
amniotes with mammary glands produce milk rich in____ and ____ to nourish young fats,proteins
with heterodonty _____(body part) are modified for different functions teeth
_____ are derived from synapsid ancestors mammals
mammals have ___(#) inner ear bones derived from jaw bones two
monotremes are _____(type of birth) mammals egg laying
Viviparous young are born early in development and finish development in ______ (pouch) marisupium
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