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Exam 2 Bio 2

Chapter 40

what is anatomy animal structure
what is physiology animal body functions
amount of exchange required depends on _____ (need high membrane SA to cell volume ratio) cell volume
cell volume in an animal needs to have _____(high/low) membrane surface area to cell _____ ratio high,volume
The larger/ thicker the animal, the lower the _____ to volume ratio surface area
tissues form > _____ which form> organ systems organs
epithelial tissue covers the _____(inside/ outside) surfaces of the body or organs and ______ outside,cavities
I am a football shaped 1 cell layer thick kind of cell that can be found lining blood vessels and air sacs and on the outer edge of thin skins as well simple squamous
I am a thicker cube-shaped cell that specializes for secretion and I line many ducts simple cuboidal
I am a tall column-shaped cell that specializes for secretion and absorptions and I can be found on many intestinal linings simple columnal
I am a type of cell that has multiple cell layers which regenerate from basal membrane and is found where abrasion is common stratified squamous
fibroblasts secrete ____ into matrix fibers
connective tissues are cells that are packed loosely together in an ______ matrix extracellular
Collagenous fibers add ______ and flexibility strength
_____ fibers connect one tissue to another they are the puzzel peices Reticular
how is bone is produced..... osteoblasts lay down a network of collagen fibers
Bone is laid down in a series of rings called _____ each with its own blood vessels and nerves osteons
what does adipose tissue store fats
I am a tough but flexible structure that makes up many skeletal components and I am created when collagenous fibers are deposited into a proteinaceous matrix cartilage
A liquid extracellular matrix called ____ plasma
Muscle Tissue are made up of _____ cells and are responsible for movement of the body contratile
skeletal muscles are attached to bones and ____ tendons
skeletal muscles are responsible for ..... voluntary movement
cardiac muscles form the _____ tissue of the vertebrate heart contracting
muscle fibers connect to each other via ______ intercalculated disks
nervous tissue responsible for ____ and _____ information receiving,transmitting
nerve cells are ... neurons
supporting cells in the nervous system are called.... neuroglia
the endocrine system is responsible for the production of ____ hormones
where are hormones released to ? bloodstream
what is homeostasis? stable, livable chemical conditions
negative feedback systems result in an action that _____ eventually shuts off
Other animal actions depend on ______the result of action stimulates more action positive feedback systems
_____ is the emission of heat by all objects with any temperature radiation
_____ is the direct transfer of heat between two touching, solid objects conduction
_____ is the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) convection
____ is the loss of heat from a liquid that is turning to gas evaporation
shivering increases amount of heat produced by the ____ metabolism
Non-shivering thermogenesis occurs when tissues activate ____ to produce heat instead of ATP mitochondria
Animals have varying energy budgets because animals have varying ______ rates metabolic
Larger bodies require more ____ of energy calories
torpor is short-term drop in _______/_______ temperature to conserve energy metabolism,body
hibernation is a long-term “escape” from energy pressures during a season with low energy availability so the ____ rates of these animals drop tremendously metabolic
Estavation is the process of _____ hibernation summer
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